Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Further Thoughts On 'Strange Trails' Free Download For 'Weird Adventures' By Trey Causey

Grab your girl, Strap on your guns, and hold on!
We're heading down 'Strange Trails'! 
For gold, glory, and high adventure!  You can get Strange Trails Right 

Strange Trails came out  Jan.21 2011 as a sort of preview for 'Weird Adventures'. Its a preview all right but what it actually is. An overflow book with a metric ton of material that can get the ball rolling into your Weird Adventures campaign.
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What's in 'Strange Trails'? 
  • Eight articles from Trey's blog, some expanded, and all of them annotated and illustrated--including artwork by our man in Manila, Reno Maniquis, and that ostensible cat,Johnathan Bingham.
  • An “Appendix N” for the City and its world. This Appendix is essential for getting the feel of the setting and is very well done. 
  • A shot of flavor fiction to set the mood.
And all for the low, low price

Why Do I Need Strange Trails?

 Strange Trails is essential to running a Weird Adventures campaign. Seriously the pdf goes into areas of the world of the 'City' that the author didn't cover in the 'Weird  Adventures' book. That's not a bad thing really because this book clocks in at twenty five pages of 'pulpastic' D&D inspired material! 
This book is all you need for either an evening's quick dungeon crawl in  or a cruise through the more dangerous pulp seas of 'Weird Adventures'. 
 That being said this is really an add on book more then an introduction. There are several elements in the book that easily lend themselves to a very nasty and dire horror adventure or pulp terror campaign.. 


  1. Thanks for the comment Trey! I was reading through 'Weird Adventures' when I noticed that a few of my favorite bits from your blog weren't in there. I went back reread the intro and had forgotten about 'Strange Trails'. So I figured that I wasn't the only one who might have missed this little gem! Great read as well and it will come in handy!