Thursday, June 20, 2013

Antiques of the Abyss - The Lenzkirch Advent Kickstarter!

 We have an ominous Advent calendar, an animated tale of Christmas gone badly wrong. Turning virtue into vice over 12 days but we need your help to make this happen! 

"Is your life dull, predictable and old hat? Does your soul lack its former luster and shine? It does? Well, fear no more, because you have now definitely arrived in the right place! Welcome to a new diversion and perversion that will let you in to explore the dark chambers of your deepest, most secret desires. But don't fret because it's humorous too! Oh yes! For this is Christmas in the Hell you've always wanted! The tale of the Lenzkirch is an intense story designed to delight,frighten and enlighten. It's all about a very unique Advent calendar purchased in an old curiosity shop,that is rumored to possess (or be possessed by) powers to bestow gifts that free and heal the soul. At a price of course".

The Lenzkirch Advent is a joint collaboration from Tim Dry, Eric Fabiaschi, and Eric Gross. Pooling three creative talents to produce the "Anti-Advent." 

The Pitch : 
This is the story is of a good man who becomes transformed from his rigid lifestyle and crosses lines until they become nothing but a blur as he rapidly descends into the darkness without hesitation.
Slowly the Lenzkirch manifests itself over twelve days to show who the true master is. It presents its rare fruit to taste and savor, but these gifts come with a lofty price.  And when their effects wear off, they leave you anxious for the next day with pangs of withdrawal eating away at your soul.
Discovered in an old curiosity shop the Lenzkirch makes itself comfortable in its new home. Upon attempting to open the first window a treasure is offered up in exchange for the smallest drop of blood. But the Lenzkirch now begins to slowly work its magic in small imperceptible ways at first.
Each day the Advent rewards, but unseen, it also takes it's payment. And what is being gifted and claimed is not of a physical nature that a value can be placed upon.
Little by little the man is given back that which he has lost until the last window is opened on the twelfth night... 
Have we whetted your appetites? Is your soul groaning to know more?  

Please Take a look and support our Kickstarter!
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We can't open the doors of Hell without You! 

More 80's madness coming up tomorrow!
Thanks for your support! 

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