Monday, June 17, 2013

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition - Inspirations Death's Hand Maidens

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 Death's Hand Maidens
Type: Undead 
Armor Class: 2(17)
Hit Dice: 8 
Attacks: 1 boney claws (1d6) 
Saving Throw: 5 
Special : Lethal Poison,+4 
Move : 18 
Challenge Level/XP: 8/800 

These monsters are found within the remains of public buildings, museums, shopping malls, and many other places where people were caught when the first of the paranormal dimensional storms  that ripped through the fabric of the local space time. Many such victims became instant undead.
These  are stylized artistic undead souls are trapped between the mortal world and  limbo. They are terrible angry spirits of horror and vengeance. Their souls swim in the lethal state of undeath trapped between a tortured poisonous existence of half life and the local space time continuum. They hunger for the living.
When teams of explorers or adventurers enter their abode these spirits are able to temporarily rip their way from their resting places. They attack with boney claws that drip with the crawling corruption of their deathless existence.
 Those who are hit by their claws are infected by their terrible poison. Bit by bit this stuff ebbs away the spirit of the victim until they too join the ranks of these horrors. 

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