Sunday, June 16, 2013

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition - Inspirations 'The Gate Movie" Lovecraftian Imps

There are a few movies that I had on rental back in the earlier 80's. The "Gate" hit many of the right buttons for "Lovecraftian" video nastiness. Not too much in the gore department but its classic none the less. 
Now out the wastelands "Ghost Winds" blow in plagues of Lovecraftian Imps that terrorize towns. Take entire sacrifices for their dark masters and perform obscene rites to the "Old Ones" 

Tribes of 'Lovecraftian Imps' are swept along by ill winds move through the world serving many dark masters and murdering wantonly. These ill bastards are classified as terrestrial demons and can be slain by conventional means. They do however heal much faster then many mortal species and are especially long lived. With long memories for slights and worse. 

Lovecraftian Imps 

Number Appearing: 1d8 
Type: Other
Armor Class: 5(14)
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 2 claws (1d3), bite(1d4) 
Saving Throw: 13 
Special: Alter Reality, Illusions, Infernal Joining 
Move: 9 
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400 

Hordes of these little bastards are deposited by the demonic twisters that blow through the world. These things are often left behind and begin tormenting anyone they find. They prefer to lair in vast underground catacombs and can often be found in the remains of towns they have plundered for sacrifices and mayhem. 
They are easily summoned.Cults, Dark Magicians, and other deviants often use these monsters as familiars. They can bite for 1d4 points of damage or claw for 1d3. Should the need arise 1d6 of the little horrors can form themselves into a minor undead with the following stats.
Type: Undead
Armor Class:6(13)
Hitdice: 4 
Attacks:claws 1d3
Saving Throw: 16 
Specials: Immunities
Move: 9 
Challenge Level: 3/60
The imps will form back into their individual selves should 2 points or more be done to the creature or if it causes maximum mayhem. They will use these undead forms to take sacrifices away to their minor planar limbos. The ultimate aim to bring one of their dark overlords to Earth. They will use their 'alter reality ability' create the conditions needed to set one of these things free. 

These Dark Overlords will mark their supplicants with a minor Khoatic mutation someplace upon the body

These 'Dark Masters' are cruel, evil, and incredibly wise beyond human understanding. They treat the imps as their children and are often the heads of complex cults of the Old Ones or worse

Dark Masters
Type: Other 
Armor Class : -2 (21) 
Hit Dice : 12 
Attacks: Tendril (1d4),Claw(2d6),Tail Slap 1d10
Saving Throw 3 
Special: Annihalate Non Living Matter 
Move : 12 
Challenge Level /XP:15/2900


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  1. "In a time before the earth, before the sun and before the light of the stars, when all was darkness and chaos! The old gods, the forgotten gods, ruled the darkness!! But what was theirs now belongs to the world light and substance, and the old gods, the rightful masters, are jealous!!! Watching mankind with a hatred that is as boundless as the stars, with plans for the destruction of man that are beyond imagining, Hahahaha!"

    "There is a passageway between our physical world of light and pleasure, and their spiritual world of madness and pain!! A gate, behind which the demons wait, for the chance, to take back, what is theirs, Hahahaha!"