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Anatomy of The Pulsonic Disruptor From The Mind Of Dave Hargrave

Anatomy of The Pulsonic Disruptor 
These devices have been found throughout time and space across the 'planes prime'. These devices are responsible for the creation of beings of  incredible destructive capacity. They were created by parties unknown and can be found throughout alien ruins, dungeons of incredibly ancient aspect, and space wrecks of ancient antiquity.
They have even been found in places like the 'flying dutchman of dungeons' Caliban from the wicked pen of Dave Hargrave.
These days they have made appearances in 'The Vaults of the Weaver' adventure collection from Emperor's Choice Games 

The Followers Of The Hell Hand 

The Hell hand comes in the form of both the 'Pulsonic Disruptor' and the Laser Cannon form.  Each of these weapons will not function at all without the 'control pendant'. From the diary of government offical Tony Craig we've been able to work out that the 'control pendant' functions as a sort of nanite esper control unit allowing the user's unconscious to act as function for the weapon. 
After the March 1 1978 events in a remote small town in Arizona in the United States several vital pieces of 'The Hell Hand' system have come to light. Many of these strange facts have come to light at great cost and loss of life. The work of surgeon Dr. Mellon and the strange 'bio organic receiver disk found within the chest of Billy Duncan. The fictionized account of these events became the basis for the movie 'Laser Blast' brought to the screen by Charles Band and company. The plot according to wiki goes something like this: 
A green-skinned man wanders through the desert with a laser cannon attached to his arm. A spaceship lands and two aliens emerge, one of whom shoots the man, which disintegrates his body. The aliens depart on their spaceship, leaving behind the laser cannon and a metallic pendant the man was wearing.
Teenager Billy Duncan wakes up in his bed, seemingly disturbed, and learns his mother is leaving for vacation. He goes to visit his girlfriend Kathy, but her deranged grandfather Colonel Farley makes him leave before he can see her. As Billy drives around town, he is harassed by bullies Chuck Boran and Froggy, and by two police deputies who give him a speeding ticket. Billy wanders into the desert and discovers the laser cannon and pendant. He starts playing with the cannon, pretending to shoot things, then realizes he can fire the weapon while wearing the pendant. Meanwhile, on the alien spacecraft, the two aliens converse with their leader who shows them footage of Billy using the cannon, prompting the aliens to turn their ship around to head back to Earth.
Later that night, Billy and Kathy attend a party where Chuck and Froggy attempt to rape Kathy. When Billy discovers them, a fight breaks out. Later that night, Billy uses the laser cannon to explode Chuck's car, and Chuck and Froggy barely escape the explosion alive. Government official Tony Craig arrives to investigate both the explosion and the desert where Billy found the cannon. Tony informs the local sheriff that the town must be sealed off.
Feeling sick due to an unusual growth on his body, Billy visits Dr. Mellon, who surgically removes a metallic disc from Billy's chest. Mellon calls the police laboratory technician Mike London to arrange for the disc to be investigated. A green-skinned Billy opens fire on Mellon's car that evening, killing him in an explosion. The next day, Tony investigates the wreckage and recovers unusual material, which he brings to Mike London, who concludes it is an alien material that cannot be destroyed.
The next day, Kathy puts the pendant on Billy's chest while they are laying together outside. Billy immediately wakes up with green skin and deformed teeth and attacks Kathy. Billy goes on a rampage, shooting random objects with the laser cannon. Law enforcement officials shoot at Billy from an aircraft, but Billy destroys the aircraft with the cannon, and later kills Chuck and Froggy by blowing up their car.
While Tony questions Colonel Farley and Kathy about Billy, the two aliens land on Earth and begin searching for Billy. After killing a man and stealing his van, Billy travels into a city where he randomly fires at his surroundings. Kathy and Tony arrive in the city and locate Billy, as the aliens spot Billy from atop a building and shoot him, which kills Billy and destroys the laser cannon. The aliens depart in their spacecraft and Kathy cries over Billy's corpse.

Prolonged exposure to the strange radiations of the 'Hell Hand'system creates insane humanoid berserk like mutants. Each fights as a third level beserk with the' hell hand' system. Each hell hand will thread bio synthetic alien organs, systems ,and mutate the genetic codes of their users. The users are conduits of violence, depravity, and unlimited destructive energies. 
Many communities of galactic bounty hunters and in dimensional trackers seek those who wield the Hell hand systems as prey. They take it upon themselves to purify the universe of the scourge of the Hell hands. 

Each 'Hell hand' system seeks out the correct mental psycho conditioning of the weapons's users. They often choose human and near human humanoid types as users. 

Mercenaries who use the Hell hand systems are often some of the most highly sought after in the galaxy and often work for the sheer violence of a job. They are easily angered and often have double the hit points of their species because  of the influence of the 'Hell hand system. 
Hellhand systems should never be found easily or within the hoards of simple orcs or even dragons. These are campaign altering weapons. They should be difficult to find., dangerous to use, and extremely dangerous to possess. THose who do use them take damage to both life, limb, and their very souls. 

Obviously  this is a fan created blog entry. This blog entry is for entertainment purposes only there are attempt to violate the copyright or trade mark infringement of the original copy holder's. work. Everything else is a result of my own warped mind. 
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