Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review, Download, & Look AT Jim Pinto's 'Midnight Vigil'

So under the 'pay what you' like there is a new rpg called 'Midnight Vigil'. Its got an interesting premise and might be a good solid thought exercise type of game.
You can download it right 
The blurb from Drive Tru Rpg is well pretty interesting : 
'Midnight Vigil is an experimental roleplaying story game where players recall the life of someone they've lost. The game is played in character and is not an attempt to replicate an actual vigil for real people. It is played over the course of one hour and each person takes on the role of someone at a candlelight vigil remembering someone special.

It can be exceptionally useful for writing backgrounds for characters or give players a chance to explore villains they have just slain.

It requires no pen, paper, or dice.'
The product verges into areas of some very interesting material. I've played more then a few games of Kult and Wraith. These games all require a good solid group, grounded players, and a willingness to play around with high weirdness, and never ever let things get personal. This game has the potential to verge into those areas. Then again any simple OD&D game has that potential as well.
 Its a well put together game for what it does and it does it interestingly. The author sets out to create a quick and experimental game. This game is exactly as its advertised. 
As a tool for creating memorable NPC's this is much more interesting. The game allows one to explore the further reaches of the darker aspects of the minds of villains without getting their hands dirty. On that front the game brings some interesting tools that we've seen in other products by the author.
 This might be a very interesting addition to style of game for any DM looking into the weirder aspects of their game. Anyhow take a look and give the author what you think its worth. I liked it but your mileage may vary.  

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