Monday, January 12, 2015

The Giant Leopard Seal For The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerer of Hyperborea Rpg

File:Leopard Seal 1844.jpg
Number Encountered: 1(1d4)
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Size: L 
Movement:30(60 swim)
Dexterity: 9 
Armor Class: 5 
Hit Dice: 5 
Number of Attacks: 1 bite
Damage 2d6 
Saving Throw: 14 
Morale: 9 
Experience: 400 
Treasure: -- 

A superior predator on the ice and water surrounding the arctic seas of Hyperborea, the giant leopard seal is without peer on or below the ice. They are dangerous and vicious creatures who are superior prime opportunists who stalk, hunt, and bring down prey of an incredible variety.
These monsters were originally bred as a food source by the Elder Things and used for centuries  as a stock animal. These vicious animals  that roamed the seas only to be brought down by Elder Thing hunting parties as sport. With the virtual extinction of the Elder Things these giant horror's numbers have exploded. 
These monsters are far more vicious and dangerous then their none gene engineered smaller brethren upon whom they feed as well. They are a vicious and dangerously vindictive animal with a mean streak about them. Some of the locals believe that they retain a bit of the tainted magic of their Elder Thing masters because of their almost malignant hunting habits. They never give up once they find easy prey. Packs have been known to pursue a man across the ice for days at a clip and never seem to give up the hunt.
These monsters are highly prized for their blubber, fat, and bones by locals in the polar areas.
The monsters stalk prey, hunt namely human and surrounding tribes in the areas where they live, and the mutant penguins of the polar regions of the Hyperborean seas.

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