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1d10 Magical Chalice Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg System and Your Old School Systems

There are treasures of ancient workmanship and strange aspect which are the focus of adoration for dread rites and forbidden magics. They are the source of extraordinary power and the focus for dangerous cults, many have been left behind after the power of their gods fades and yet legends and myths grow around them creating the central focus for adventures.
Heroes, rogues, and adventurers seek their power, wizards lust for mystic might, and indeed empires are forged from the center of their droughts. 

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1d10 Random Magical Chalice Table 

  1. Alkandut - From Old Earth, this chalice has been known as king maker, the widow cup, and by many names from throughout time. The chalice magically reads the heart and soul of its drinker after wine is poured into its cup. The user gains 1d4 points to attributes and +2 to wisdom. The cup may once a month grant a cure light wounds spell and it has a 30% chance of sealing a dimensional breech. The cup will do 3d6 points of damage per round to those not of lawful good alignment who handle it. An ancient elemental spirit of fertility dwells within its metal confines. 
  2. Angorugu - The Cup of The Stars, this chalice is the focus for several astrological gods and grants its user the ablity to see beyond and open the doors between planes. The chalice may grant this if spring water from a lower valley spring is poured within it. It may open or seal  a dimensional door once per day. Used more then once a day and the power of the chalice will rip the user apart as the cup's spirit takes offense and 4d6 points of damage pours into the fool. 
  3. Bakaulo- The Blood Cup, this chalice magically fills with the blood of a lesser saint Bakaulo who quested for this chalice back in the days of Old Earth. The chalice grants its owner the ability to heal land and people of wounds of the soul allowing a barren land to yield 1d4 seasonal harvests and healthy infant mortality rates. It may also grant a vision every 1d6 weeks. 
  4. Cagitua- The Emperor's Bane, this chalice has a long and bloody history of royal linage until it found its way to its current holding place. The chalice allows one to hear the thoughts and wishes of the people he rules. It also grants one a vision from beyond, a communion with the ruler's god once per month. There is a blemish upon the cup, for those who use it have a 2% chance of attracting fate and for someone close to the owner to betray and try to murder the owner of the cup for possession of it. And so it goes 
  5. Laulan -The Hunter's Moon, this cup allows its owner to assume the guise and shape of a hunter or animal of prey once per moon after blood of the kill is poured into it. The owner of this cup will have incredible insight into the nature and mind of animals as well as the powers that watch over them. The owner must dedicate every third hunt to the spirits of the cup or bad luck is sure to follow. The owner will find 1d6 extra kills per month from the cup's influence and other tribes of hunters will look to the owner for wisdom and insight. 
  6. Drotundu - This chalice was the center of worship for a group of knights from Old Earth who sought a refuge for their wives and families. The chalice's spirit  is able to provide insights, guidance, and wisdom in the form of dreams and illusions every new moon but the owner of the chalice must engage in prayer and rites of the chalice every day. They must forgo marriage and procreation for the rest of their lives. The spirit demands fidelity in its owners for the good of the familial lines and once every 1d8 years calls these families together to observe the travels it has made. The cup is now lost. 
  7. Fangoru - The cup of ancient kings, this cup has passed from ruler to ruler across the centuries and all of their spirits reside within. Those who drink from this cup may experience their wisdom, memories, and lives within the visions the chalice grants. The chalice will also grant 1d10 extra years of life to the owner and insure that the owner is fertile and gains an heir. But there are those who whisper that it is the chalice's children who rule in the stead of the owner and a blood curse follows in its wake. 
  8. Otundur -This chalice once belonged to a cult of the moon goddess Otundur but it was stolen by a necrotic cult who twisted its spirit and now serves dark forces. The cup will grant undeath to those who taste of its dark icor as the cup magically fills each new moon. The thing may create one vampire or 1d20 zombies under the command of the spirit's cup. The rites of this chalice are far too awful to writ down here. Once per new moon, the chalice may summon a minor demon of low aspect who will demand a blood sacrifice and serve the owner of the cup. Those who handle the cup will be tainted by it. And will become of low undeath aspect after death. 
  9. Hagodrimanguna - This cup will change and liquid poured into it to pure spring water. The cup of prophecy as it is known has yet to have its powers unlocked and waits its rightful owner. It has been known in the past to heal, grant wishes, and destroy armies with its might. But for now it sleeps in legend and has been lost to the mists of time. 
  10. The Vangorca - This cup belongs to a long tradition of blood sacrifice and war, the cup of warriors demands the blood of the vanquished. It grants its owner a temporary increase of 1d6 points for stats but lasts as long as the battle. Once over the cup will offer new visions of conquest and war but the spirit of the cup always demands this,eternally. The cup may create 1d8 berserk from ordinary men by causing them to be possessed by the dark warrior guardian spirits who serve the cup. There is a legacy of blood and thunder associated with this cup.  

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