Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Free OSR Adventure Download - Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign For Your Old School Campaigns

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Fortress, Tomb, & Tower contains three easily adapted Basic Fantasy retroclone rpg system mid level adventures. It clocks in at sixty one pages but what's in it?
And just because its free should you down load it?
Well according to the the Basic Website blurb: 
This adventure series from the World of Glain includes three distinct adventures, suitable for characters of various levels: Fortress of the Iron DukeTomb of Karsma Megalos, and Crooked Rock Tower.

The adventure is designed for PC's of second thru forth level, and believe me it lives up to its reputation. These are nice mid level adventures that can easily be adapted to any old school sword and sorcery campaigns. There are certainly an number of old school retroclone systems one thing I've noticed is the way in which the Basic Fantasy rpg system seems to exploit the down and dirty nature of its D&D roots. Something that comes across in the presentation of their material. Because of the nature of the adventures, PC's are fully exploited in the backdrop of the world of Glean the setting for these adventures.
There are motives, backdrop stories, and more to exploit the PC's their fullest and these adventures make the most of the situation. The adventure plays with the PC's as they thread their way through this adventure.
Because of this aspect of the adventure, the fact is that these adventures are perfect to add to an existing game such as Astonishing swordsmen and sorcerers of Hyperborea. The system is different enough to warrent a bit of shoe horning on the part of the DM.
The adventures are clear cut with enough plot to keep the players interest as their PC's lives dangle over the over arching plot running through the back of this adventure.
Watching what the PC's are doing and dealing with is key to running through this set of adventures and keeping the PC's on their toes is one of the things that this adventure excels at in spades.
 Because of the free nature of the pdf there is plenty of wiggle room to keep the over arching plot threading of the adventure from shoving the whole affair off course. 
All in all this was a great little read through and I can't wait to exploit the PC's to the full extent of this adventure. 

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