Monday, September 2, 2013

Review And Commentary on The Free OSR Resource - Oriental Classes And Oriental Monsters Written and Edited By Ed Martell

Link for the Oriental Classes Below: 
Here is the link to the new "Oriental Classes" document *FREE* PDF:
The Oriental Monsters Book Down below
                 Here is the link to the "Oriental Monsters" document *FREE* PDF:

Are you looking for a source for some of the classic Oriental classes without the world background setting BS that seems to go with them? A stripped down balls to the walls classic look at these classes that once graced the pages of Dragon Magazine?
Well look no further. 

Bushi, Hengeyokai, Kensei, Koropokuguru, Nature Folk, Ninja, Samurai, Shugenja, Shohei, Wu Ren, and the deadly Yakuza are all there in loving B/X and Labyrinth Lord goodness. 

These are well organized and well thought out. They're compatible with 90% of the OSR campaign worlds that are out there on the market today. I've been looking into doing something with them for my take on Jack Shears campaign some time ago. 

Oriental Monsters is great. A catalog of Oriental mythologies nasties all in one easy to use place and stripped back into a format that fits many of the OSR retroclones. 

These are as they they appeared in mythology and the various sources of legend that they came from. These are not the anime high adrenalin source monsters they later on became. This makes them perfect for horror games and campaigns where sudden violence and death actually count. 

 Ned Martell does an excellent job with these classics with well thought out and deadly monsters put into a hard core B/X and LL format.

 Do yourselves a favor and download these and roll some dice.
Thanks for all the work that went into these and the authors of the Oriental Classes book.


  1. These are a great find! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks Tim! They're one of a bunch of stuff that I ran across recently while looking for some material for my Transylvania Gothic campaign. I do love Oriental Adventures but could never deal with it as part of the Forgotten Realms.
    More to come!