Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Old-School Gazette #2 Free From Expeditious Retreat Press For Your Old School Horror Campaign

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I've been looking for a few surprises for my Monday and Thursday night Gothic Pulp game and remembered the Old School Gazette.
This is issue #2 and its got a few surprises in store for those players of retroclones who have memorized the Monster Manual and the various fiends in the Fiend Folo.
This issue has a few surprises with '
the statistics you need to pit black skeletons, bone sovereigns, dark voyeurs, and inscribers against your players.'
 With very little work these can be easily modified into a Lamentations game or your classic Labyrinth  Lord Advanced game. There are also four new magic items that round out the download. These all fit right into the Gothic vibe that I've had riding through this game.
This is a pretty solid little issue and I've used some of this material before. All in all its about a three out of five.
Mostly this material has a classic horror and dungeon feel that wouldn't be out of place even in a game of Carcosa or Mutant Future. There's a bit of the classic 80's horror here as well.
Simply some well thought out monsters and treasure with a bit of placement work as part of the greater horror landscape of a quick encounter to a more advanced dungeon. 

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