Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Free Old School Gothic Horror Adventure - The Manse on Murder Hill From Taskboy Games

Get it right over HERE!
 Want a nice, concise, well done adventure that has a bit of everything for you Gothic game? Want something that going to actually live up to the usual tropes of the OD&D game?
Want it in thirty two pages of fun and murder?
 The plot according to Rpgnow: 
Several children of Little Flanders have gone missing near an abandoned house of evil repute. A desperate town has begged your heroes to exorcise the house of evil spirits and rescue the children. Will you brave the dangers of the Manse on Murder Hill?
A Labyrinth Lord adventure for levels 1-3
 This is a solid, well done, low level crawl with all the options to either be customized for a Gothic setting like Tales of the Grotusque and Dungeonsque or run straight against the bone.
This is a really well thought out adventure that can fit anywhere really.
The module is a throw back to the pages of Dragon magazine and one of the first haunted house adventures.
This a great adventure for low level horror rpging and dungeon crawling. The fact that its compatible with about ninety percent of the retroclones on the market is an added plus.
 There are some killer NPCs here and a whole town to use as well all done in a percise fashion with all the trimmings of a well thought out story.
 A very happy find on this one folks.
Four out of five stars for a good solid old school hit. 


  1. Thanks for the review. Sorry it took me this long to find it.

  2. It's a great little Gothic old school adventure and I've got plans for this one Joe. Thanks for making this one available my friend.