Saturday, September 14, 2013

This Week's Useful DM Horror Articles Wrap Up

 Here's a quick wrap up for very useful articles for Horror oriented Dungeon Masters!
 In no particular order are the following: 

            5 WTF Abandoned Wastelands You Won't Believe Exist

Return of the zeppelin: Firm unveils gigantic airship !

Archaeology seems like it’s a lot of careful picking and boring dusting that is occasionally spiced up by scenes of unspeakable evil". Also lots of trash and sewage. Much of it fossilized. Which is how we know what the locals ate and all sorts of data.
I know six real Islands that will be appearing real soon in a horror rpg that I run.


  1. I still have to hold out for Gunkanjima on Hashima Island in Japan. Not only is it a spectacularly dense, abandoned coal mining town on an island, but it's also been visited by google street view,Hashima+Island&gl=us&ei=vbk0UuHMJYW48wTAxIGAAw&ved=0CJ4BELYD

  2. I do find Gunkanjima on Hashima Island in Japan very cool but I've gotten to the point where homegrown horror hits home with my players.
    I have used the Gunkanjima on Hashima Island in Japan for a CoC adventure for Secrets of Japan.
    I've always been a bit more inclined with this facility which is essentially right in my backyard and its been the subject of more then a few CoC gaming adventures some of which involved Delta Green.