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Review And Commentary Monty Haul's Lesser Tower of Doom From Eldritch Enterprises For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

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This is a forty page dungeon crawl that lives up to James Ward's axiom of 'Characters kill themselves Dm's don't'. 
This is an action packed adventure that not only packs the PC's into a realm of weirdness but it does it with Wardian style! 

I sent eight players through this horror laden fest of trap filled, monster fun house of adventure and four of them survived. I used 'Lamentations of The Flame Princess' and because of the generic nature of many of the Eldritch Enterprises products I had no trouble at all. Forget whatever flavor of the month that's out this is solid and tightly written.
Drive Thru Rpg description :
"There's a new demi-god in town, and he wants your soul.  His offer?  A tower packed with fabulous treasures... and great danger.  The risks might seem minimal, but there's always a catch.
Monty Haul's Lesser Tower of Doom is a trap-filled, monster-laden maze designed to bewitch the mind and separate the soul from it's corpse.  Written in generic style, it is suitable for play with most fantasy role-playing systems, and should be explored by characters of beginning to low levels of power/experience.  The first in a series of dungeons, Monty Haul's dungeons are designed to tempt your players with easy money.  Just be sure you have character creation rules handy when you play." 

Using Monty Haul's Lesser Tower of Doom For Your Old School Horror Games 
Monty Haul's Lesser Tower of Doom

Using the 'Lesser Tower of Doom' is sort of like placing the characters in a 90's horror fest where it seems like its all easy pickings and things begin going from bad to worse as the DM leads the way. That's not to say that this one is railroady at all. Basically its an adventure that allows the PC's to get themselves into more and more horror laden trouble as things slide down hill.
This isn't a Temple of Elemental Evil, this is a low level adventure with more twists and turns to shake a stick at .
Basically this is an adventure with a twisted sense of humor and the guts to twist your PC's into pretzels with puzzles, monsters, and more James Ward fun.
 Kept hearing the original 'Evil Dead' soundtrack the whole time we played this evening and it was bloody good fun.
In forty pages this is a mini dungeon crawling campaign that delivers. Its tightly written, fun, solid, and reliable as heck and my players want to return to it.

Ten reasons to use the Lesser Tower of Doom

  1. Good solid writing, its a fun adventure, there's mayhem plenty. 
  2. Its written by James Ward and its not that well known (yet)! 
  3. The plot is a great introduction adventure and easily adaptable to any campaign but does very well with a horror game because of certain elements in the adventure. 
  4. The adventure is forty pages of twists,turns, and puzzles to challege,delight and kill erm murder, errm, well you get the idea. 
  5. This is an adventure that isn't simply another kill the monster grab the treasure. There are some true story elements here easily graft able to other adventures. 
  6. Its on sale and its a quick buy well worth the money. 
  7. This one lends itself to convention play as well. So it could be run at a local Con if you have the chance. Also it could be used for that mode of play as well to challenge even the jaded players. 
  8. This module hearkens back to a time when adventures weren't just driven by the same old formula but by fun. This one has it in spades. 
  9. The treasures, location, etc can be inserted into an existing sandbox campaign not the other way around where you as a DM have to write around the adventure. 
  10. My players want to go back again. 

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