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Gethsemane Games Indiegogo And More!

I've known the folks running this great company for years and years. They've always been at the cutting edge of  horror rpging. Here's their pitch: 
Gethsemane Games is a small company consisting of husband and wife team Bryan and Marie Irving and the cat, Gethsemane, whom we named the company after. Together we bring indi RPGs to the gaming public and this year we would like very much to release a wide range of adventures, modules and supplements for our horror RPG “Haunts and Horrors (H+H).

Haunts and Horrors has been a labour of love for us, we are both very big fans of good horror and grew up on the likes of Hammer Horror, Universal Studios horror films and so on. In H+H we have brought this love of horror, and our love of the Victorian an Georgian period of history to the table top in a game designed to let players create horror adventures in any historical period that they please.

This year, we would like to release a range of products for the game including (but not limited to);-

“Blood Money”, an adventure set in England durring the early years of Queen Victoria's reign. The old coaching inn “The little drummer boy” has seen better days, the advent of the railways has hit the inn's custom, but perhaps not so much as the tales of a strange phantom horseman that plagues the highways around the inn.

“The Curse of Amon Menetnashti” A Victorian period mini campaign set in Ottoman ruled Egypt in which the party are part of an archaeological expedition which seems to have found a long forgotten Egyptian Priest. Whoever this priest was, his Ka does not seem to care for the expedition as things take a dark and mysterious twist.

“The Drowning Pool” Takes us to England during the regency period. Romney Marsh is plagued with smugglers and something far, far more sinister, a thing from the Celtic myths that has returned to menace the living.

“Suffer Little Children”. Something is plaguing the dreams of children in a small English village, visiting terrible nightmares upon them. Already 3 have been driven mad, and others may suffer the same fate unless the party and the local asylum can get to the bottom of the mystery and face the horror that lurks in the sleepy community. Both an adventure and a setting with a fully detailed town and Asylum and extensive notes on mental health in England after the Asylum reform act.

“The Sins of The Fathers”. A strange ghost dog stalks the moors, but what has brought it back?

Blood Money!
Who, or what, is the dark form that haunts the roads and moors around the old coaching inn "The Little Drummer Boy" and what is the cause of it's hatred for the Johnstons?
A new adventure Scenario for Huants and Horrors, with a new creature and new rules./
 You can find out lots more over at their  IndieGoGo page!
 Right over HERE!
 These folks are some of the best kept secrets in UK horror/dark fantasy role playing. Take for example the Secret of Serpent's Tor 

The ruin had been there since the time of my grandfather's grandfather. No-one knew or cared what it had once been.  What it had become to us was a source of dressed stone for our homes and granaries and for the walls that we built about the fields.
Within the hillside, through what was left of the dilapidated ruin stood a plaster statue of what we assumed was some long-forgotten hero, or deity perhaps.  Plaster.  For generations we had thought the statue to be worthless plaster, and we had left it untouched, perhaps out of reverence for those who had once felt the subject worthy of a statue.
Then, one day, I found a block of stone had fallen from the roof and cracked the plaster away from the statue's shoulder.  What I found beneath was the first surprise, but not the last, for what I found beneath the plaster was gold. 
Who had hidden it thus and why I knew not, but there it was, a king's ransom in a damp, dingey chamber within the hill.  Nothing but the ancient, crumbling ruins outside to watch over it.  Or so we thought… Not until we tried to move it did we uncover the true, and dreadful, Secret of Serpent Tor.  A secret that cost me an eye and the lives of so many old friends.  A secret that wakes me screaming in the night still to this day.
The Secret of Serpent Tor is a an adventure for the Spelldancer fantasy RPG by Gethsemane Games. Intended for a small group of of moderately experienced or a larger group of inexperienced characters, the adventure pitches the party headlong into a desperate struggle to contain an ancient evil, a cult of demonic serpent folk, unleashed after centuries of imprisonment and bent on once again subduing all around them.
Fabulous wealth and terrible danger await those that would learn The Secret of Serpent Tor.
Yes most of their wares are based for the in house Spelldancer system but they can easily be adapted to any old school fantasy or retroclone system. The adventure is based around a long forgotten cult of demon snake-people accidentally unleashed when the abandoned and ruined fort-shrine built to lock them away is plundered for stone by the local farmers.
This is only the tip of the snake cult. There are many reasonably priced adventures on sale right now at their Drivethrurpg shop right over HERE

Still not convinced? Well here's a free sample about real world diseases that can be easily adapted to your favorite retroclone or rpg setting. Free over at Drivethru
Right HERE
 So take a stroll over to the IndieGoGo page make a pledge and lets get these adventures off the ground! 

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