Thursday, March 14, 2013

FREE Vancian Magic Supplement PDF And Quick Commentary

 Gorgon Milk has collected a number of very cool and insightful variation on the FREE Vancian Magic System that he's been working on. As a DM we all need more variations into the magic system that is the basis for our hobby. Also we need more weirdness and utter insanity even in OD&D. This is a good start. Also its free.
 The Contents : 
The ZIP contains...

92-page printable PDF booklet
8.5" x 11" PNG cover

"Turjan of Miir" and "Mazirian the Mage" by Jack Vance
Four articles on Vancian Magic by Gary Gygax
Complete six-level Vancian spell lists by Shadrac MQ
This suppliment is a great start. The finished version with all corrections will be available tonight! In the meantime you can take a look right over HERE