Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Featured Artist of The Day - Bradley K. McDevitt

Bradley K. McDevitt has worn many hats in the table top rpg field from game designer,writer, artist, and much, much more.  He's worked for all the major companies from Chaosium to Pinnacle  Games and everyone in between. 
 One of the more iconic images from his work on "Dark Conspiracy" Game. This street samurai is a favorite of mine. 

 A grim image of sorcery, suitable for a fantasy game or a modern horror game that needs some cult activity! Now available! Right over HERE
From Coldcon and  a fantastic prints available on heavy, glossy stock suitable for framing! 
 I've always been a fan of the man's work because it evokes a certain style of rpg artwork that speaks to me as a DM and seems to want me to create adventures based around it. Much of the body of his work since I discovered it years and years back at Stellar games has always stayed in my mind. For me it evokes modern horror and dark grind house fantasy  from the 50's , 60's, and 70's especially in the Hammer and Roger Corman traditions.
His pictures seem to scream, "make me into an NPC" to inflict on your players. 

 This a slightly sinister looking boss figure has appeared in several of my horror campaigns and my players hate this guy. In my games he's a businessman with particularly horrid tastes. 

You can find the Artist's Home page right here with a metric ton of his artwork right HERE

"Mary Murrey" an NPC/Merc  from my Dark Conspiracy campaign inspired by this  drawing by Mr. McDevitt. 

Check out and buy his wares right over HERE on Drivthrurpg . Many of which have a dark fantasy/horror bent to them and lend an air of weird horror to any game.

Some of his best work that really evokes the spirit of  a game is the deeply disturbing Conspiracy Rules. The latest and best incarnation of the Dark Conspiracy game that's just plastered with Bradley's artwork and some of the most vicious monsters this side of New Boston.
With it being on sale! Its a pretty solid steal at 10.00 right now  for 200 plus pages of horror nastiness. 
You can find that wonderful game right over HERE

All artwork used by permission and copy right and trade mark to their respective companies along with the rights of the artist himself. 


  1. I've been friends with Brad for several years. He's a good guy and a great artist. Nobody crosshatches like Brad!
    He also designed the "Nightlife" rpg, which was my favorite game through most of the mid/late-90s.

  2. Brad is a great guy and I'm always looking to promote him and his great art. His crosshatches bring out the expressions and pathos in his characters faces.
    Nightlife is my go to early 70/80's urban level rpg and one of my favorites of all times. It was the one that I was playing when all of the trashtastic movie inspirations were winding their way through my VCR.
    We'll be featuring Bradley and more artists to come here!