Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Urgonthelo Twisted & Gnarled Ones Of Dark Nature For Your Old School Horror Rpgs

Edward Atkinson Hornel: The Brownie of Blednoch (1889)

When gales of  November come & the trees have shed their leaves then comes the Season Of Demons. This is when the lonely places & the abandon fields feel the stirrings & manipulations of  twisted nature herself. The places where the devil's own howl in the night. These are places where the very soil has been fouled with the darkest sorcery & the deeds of evil.
Then come the witches riding their brooms & calling forth once again these things that should not be. The Urgonthelo Twisted & Gnarled Ones, demons who hide in plain sight but who can not act. They were once fairies of  nature, field, & hearth but their sins have twisted them into something unholy & they have been imprisoned for the good of all. When released from their prisons they are like locusts tearing through the land, the people, & anything that gets in their way.
They're fury is a like thing born from the deepest pits of hell roasted on the knowledge that each day the humans & near humans around them trod on their abodes. They are forgotten, be fouled upon, & made of nothing more then the muck, dire, & wretches around them. They may be summoned with a foul demonic version of the traditional summon monster spell. Some of the components include : the brain of a farmer , a sample of fouled earth, the heart of a cleric, the eyes of a daughter of the harvest, & the corner stone of a temple of law.
When released they are utterly fearless & will attack with out provocation or observance. They will ask no quarter & give none. Mercy, & any other emotions are a foreign thing to them. Only they burn with the fires of their own minds & hearts.
Number Appearing : 1d4, 1d20 For A Dark Horde
Type: Other
Armor Class: 4(15)

Hit Dice :6
Attacks: 2 tentacles 1d8, Claws 1d4 

Saving Throw : 11 
Special: Totally fearless, Leap attack 20 ft 
Move : 18 
Challenge Level/XP : 6/400 

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