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1d30 Random Keys Outside The Veil Of Eternity Table

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1d30 Random Keys Outside The Veil Of  Eternity Table File:Icon of two keys on a keyring.png
  1. Golden Telephone ~ Speak With Dead Spell as per the spell once per day 
  2. Movie Ticket ~ Dante's Inferno Victim is transported to a random plane of hell one way 
  3. Wooden Stake ~ Bleeds out a cure light wounds spell once per week  & moans from time to time in pain 
  4. A set of keys that opens a doorway into the astral plane for each key used. Each time one is used a bit of rust comes off the key and stains the holders 
  5. A Vial of Demon's Blood~ Makes the user invisible once per day to others. The thing burns for 1d4 points against flesh. 
  6. A magic kit with 1d4 random wizard spells & ingredients. A set of  random cantrips 1d8  
  7. A brass key - This key is to a genie's heart ~ Allows teleportation without error once per day but there is a 40% chance it will strand  the user instead in a highly dubious place & disappear completely 
  8. A bag of Devil's Teeth ~ 1d10 Devil's teeth each one will summon one minor devil. 
  9. Bronze fiddle ~ Will act as a charm spell when played but bleeds as the strings sing. 
  10. Bag of Grave Dust ~ Destroys minor undead & does 1d3 points to other undead 
  11. Metal Cross made From Iron Torture Implement~  Causes serious wounds when used against the righteous & good. 
  12. A Bloody Newspaper ~ all of the inner secrets of the victim holding it. The thing is a cursed object 
  13. A child's Teddy Bear with human eyes & teeth, acts as a familiar. As per the spell. 
  14. Straight Razor +2 weapon against lawful good creatures & the righteous 
  15. Flash Light shows invisible beings, including all invisible beings. All of them, each & every last one of them. They don't like the user 
  16. Stuffed dinosaur~ Failed protector that once per day breaths 1d4 points of fire damage 
  17. Jack In The Box ~ Now a mini 3 point mini demonic monster 1d3 damage claws & teeth  
  18. My Little Disaster Picture Book ~ This lavishly illustrated children's book shows progressively more & more disturbing disasters which will begin to happen in reality around the reader. They stop as soon as the book is closed. The damage though is real. 
  19. Lunch Box ~A Map, a Tarot Deck, & A Bunch Of Files are the contents 
  20. A suit case - A folded up steam punk style android like automaton within. There is a large butcher knife within as well. Dried blood is on the blade 
  21. A Woman's Compact - Will show the spirit realm behind the user in the reflection of the compact. There is a 40% of the user being randomly teleported to this spirit realm. The user may be trapped there. 
  22. Skeleton Key ~ This key will fit into the back of anyone & change them into an automaton under the user's control. The thing will however go berserk & attack the user immediately. The victim may resist with a save verus wands 
  23. Surgeon's blade  - This knife is sharp as any surgical instrument & will send the user into a rabid state of rage. The  user will desire to kill anyone around him unless a saving throw or a murder takes place. 
  24. The Lost Map ~ This map will show holes in the near by reality. The user may use these for short cuts into and out of building, landmarks,etc for 1d4 days then the user is trapped in the nearby astral plane never able to escape. The map teleports away & the cycle begins again. 
  25. Pirate's Gold Toy ~ A toy chest, fake gold, wooden sword, all become real when this chest is open. The user will also find a pirate costume in the bottom the chest as well. As soon as this is donned the user will become a murderous pirate out of legend. The world will change into a piratical parody of itself & the user will be filled with murderous rage to loot & plunder. They will be very protective & paranoid of their so called Pieces of Eight. A saving throw will cause the chest & its contents to vanish. 
  26. The Hour Glass - This hour glass will take 1d4 years off the victim's life each time it is turned unless a save is made vs wands. If the glass is turned on its side a door to the after world will open for 1d3 turns then vanish. Any entering this gate way is trapped while the glass remains in our world 
  27. The Accordion With Too Many Buttons ~ This item is actually a time machine made by a mad tinkerer from beyond time & space. The thing will take a victim to a random alternative world each time its played. The user will be compelled to play on & on unless the thing is given to another & the cycle continues 
  28. The Globe of Worlds ~ This globe will show all of the nearby worlds & what went wrong or will go wrong in the user's life. There are 1d4 random events that the user can avoid using the globe but the user will become progressively more paranoid each & every time this thing is used. Unless a saving throw is made the user will become completely dependent upon the thing. He will guard it with his life.
  29. The Shattered puzzle ~ A series of 38 puzzle pieces that will form into a different image each time their put together. There is only 20 % that they can be! This item is a dimensional gate way. It is keyed to the scene pictured usually something horrifying 
  30. The Book of Monsters ~ Book of 1d20 random monsters, each time a page is turned the thing will come to life!

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