Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Minion of Misrule For Your Old School Horror Games

Minions of Misrule
Number appearing :1d4
Armor Class: 4 (15)
Hit Dice 6+4
Attacks: Bites 1d4, Claws 1d6 
Specials : Illusions,  Phantasmal Force,
HDE/XP : 8/800

The Lords of Misrule sometimes remind the universe of their presence with rabble & rhyme of the their realms. Creatures whose very existence sparks chaos & death wherever their found.
The Minions of Misrule move through the hidden byways of universe with a smirk & a trick of reality up their sleeves. Festivals, fairs, & celebrations are their bread & butter. They move about the countryside offering entertainment, chaos, & carnage wherever their found.
The monsters haunt the country side shattering the sanity of good people everywhere with trick, traps, & treats. Five times per day they may cast a phatasmal force like power that they may shape into elaborate weaponry &  wicked implements of destruction.
These monsters can & will construct illusions which make the sane begin to doubt their own sanity. Echos of things that are unseen, places & times that have never been, & half insane truths are their very stock as well as their trade.
Most often these monsters which stand over seven & a half foot tall dare warriors & priests to strike them down. They regenerate as trolls & simply recover from whatever damage done to them. Only fire & cold iron will harm them. Magical weaponry can & will strike them but a +2 weapon is needed to do so.
 They have the uncanny abilities of an acrobat & tumblers. They group themselves together as troops & move about the countryside entertaining, eating their victims, & creating more of themselves. They're rites are so hellish that few sane folks know of them. But there are always more of them.
These monsters are always active in the Winter months especially around the time of the so called Dread Winter festivals
These monsters have been known to dwell in abandon castles, inns, & all manner of forlorn atmospheres. Here their cheer, bells, & gallows humor stands in stark contrast. 


  1. Nicely done. these would make a good accompaniment for the grim clowns...especially during the Winter...

  2. Why yes they would we should talk about an adventure using these monsters! Take a quick look at the Mob of Misrule I just got done! There's more coming tomorrow! Thanks GJ! More soon!