Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mob of Misrule Member For Your Old School Horror Rpg

Mob of Misrule Member
Number Appearing : 1d8 
Hit Dice :2+2 
Attacks : Weapon (1d6) or By Spells 
Specials : Charm 
Move: 9 
HDE/XP: 1/15 
Morale : 8
Hauling from across the cosmos from worlds where the Gods of Misrule have conquered. These beings are the courts of fools. They are a mixture of brightly coloured merry makers, warriors, mages, wise men, & rabble rousers. They are assembled upon a world as pawns are on a chess board of the gods. Announcing the coming of the Gods of Misrule & holding revelry that bends the mind & vanities of their victims.
These party goers from beyond nightmare have become nothing more then slack jawed parodies of themselves. The mightiest warriors, wizards, & rulers are now nothing more then undead dreams of themselves. They are forever locked in one giant feast that goes on forever & ever. World to world spreading the taint of chaos & misrule where ever it takes them.
They may randomly attack, cast spells, as they go. Raping, pillaging, partying, and chaos are their hall marks as they move across cities,planet,and even planes. They cause nothing but untold grief to those who encounter them.
 Horns, harps, drums, & flutes of bone announce the coming of these things that were once men.
Abilities : When collectively assembled at the so called court of fools. These bastards may five times per day cast a charm spell. The poor fool or victim must save verus wands or give in to the most outrageous commands of the court. Once every 1d4 rounds the victim may make a wisdom check to realize what is happening & try to escape this nightmare.
Should the victim engage in the rites, revelry or sins of the Mob then they are lost. Their vary souls are forfeit to the Gods of misrule. This is often done within the bounds or sight of a cleric of law. The mob will go out of its way to humility, destroy, or discredit any agent of law that is within 1d8 miles of it.
 There is a 40 % chance of any device or technology malfunctioning or breaking down within a 40 yard radius of the mob. No sin is taboo, no merry making to sick, & no act too profane for the mob of misrule.
These bastards may be summoned by a special chaotic variation of the summon monster spell. The acts for this are to heinous to be written here. 


  1. Amazing it's taken so long for somebody to stat these guys!

  2. Well I've always had a fondness for these Fools Of Misrule. I've gotten the rest of the pantheon up & I'm glad you liked 'em. There's more coming from the forces of Misrule soon including an encounter & more. Thanks for the comment!