Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Phashanyamar - The Spawn Of The Antediluvian Gods A New Monster For Ancient And Accursed Terra & For Use With The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg

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The Phashanyamar - The Spawn Of The Antediluvian Gods

No Encountered :1-12
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size : L 
Movement :60
Hit Dice: 16 
Armor Class: 4 
Number Attacks: 1 
Damage: 6d6
Saving Throw :9
Experience: 3,600 
Treasure : Q 
Deep within the ancient Black Winds there are the remains of the mad dreams of Old Earth Gods who still war among themselves. They sail the skies upon steeds of legend, monsters of horror and worse drawn from nightmare itself.  They are completely insane, and chaos incarnate manifesting randomly carried by the Black  Winds. They make war among themselves and where they will.
They are giants and utterly alien to Terra causing great swaths of destruction with ancient enchanted weapons. These beings will make war with giants, monsters of legend, and anything that gets in their way. They seem to appear in the worst of thunder storms upon Terra and typhoons . Drawn to play and battle amid the storms chaos.  It is said that they are drawn to manifestations of ancient mystic battles and the energies of hoary religious sects now long extinct. They remember where they were worshiped and honored but have lost all purpose. Many priests of the gods try to placate these beings or draw them to greater evils but the results are always the same. Destruction of both the target and the 
Phashanyamar itself as well as its beast.
 They are known to make war upon the spawn of the Great Old Ones and to battle en mass with manifestation of Great Cthulhu as well as his ilk. Insanity and depravity always follow such encounters at best.
These horrors are not destroyed by the total annihilation of their physical shell. Instead they turn into disease baring slimes that evaporate in the morning sunlight. Only to return to the nightmare stuff of the Black Wind  and the hell of their half existence.  There is a 20% of one of these deity like cripples of chaos to remember their former existence and perform a heroic act or grant a gift to a worthy mortal. But these gifts are strange half formed treasures and carry prices upon their favors.
Some heroes are known to hunt these horrors for from time to time their destruction leaves rich trinkets and treasures behind. But these would be heroes should be aware that often times these golden remains may carry a curse. 


  1. This is a good one. I have been reading "The Moon Pool" and can see where this would be of some use to me.

  2. My Guess would be 15-16 given the Saving Throw, but will wait for Eric.

  3. Mabon5127 is right on the mark! The hit dice top out at 16 or more depending on individual Phashanyamar .
    There will be much more to come guys. Sorry about the hit dice but at 2:00 am I was a bit rusty.

  4. There will be a lot more in this vein Tim. I'm in the middle of converting over some major campaign elements over to AS&SH. Thanks for the comments and corrections.