Friday, December 6, 2013

A Qucik Shout Out For AFS Issue #4 Which Has Been Released! (for pre-order) For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg

 You can preorder it over
AFS is the fan produced magazine foir AS&SH. Its now into its forth issue and covers a wide array of topics with all things sword and sorcery related and  AS&SH. This includes varient classes, adventures, treasures, monsters, and a wide variety of topics all related to the game.
This issue is going to feature the following : 

AFS Magazine #4   - Table of Contents

New Monster – The Gurondu by Tim ‘Turgenev’ Hartin

Variant Class – The Burglar by Scott Moberly (written for Holmes Basic)

Artifact -  The Iounic Loop – Reimagining the Ring of Gaxx by Allan T. Grohe Jr. (grodog)

Fiction – A Blizzard in the Sahara by Aleister Crowley (1911)

Table of Items – High Value Treasures by Scott Moberly

Variant Class – The Purloiner by Jeff Talanian & Colin Chapman (written for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea)

Adventure – The Lamia’s Heart, An Adventure By Jeff Talanian (set in Hyperborea
For 2–5 Zero Level Thieves)

Table – One Sentence Plot Hooks for Sandbox Gaming by Various (named) authors

Adventure – Theme for a Jackal (an adventure set in Hyperborea for character levels 2-3) by Scott Moberly

Article- Crawling Without Hexes by Chris Kutalik

Map – The Nooks & Crannies Level by Allan T. Grohe Jr. (grodog)

I'm familiar with many of the contributers to the mag and posts of theirs on their respective blogs and in OSR forms. Much of what I've seen of theirs is pretty cutting OSR stuff so given the level that AS&SH brings to the table you can bet I'll be ordering a copy. I'm not sure about back issues. If this is anything like the local fanzines I write for then it might be a limited run thing. All in all this looks pretty damn good.
 This looks like a really nice little publication! 
Very excited to see this. 

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