Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Free OSR Download From Emporor's Choice Games The Country of Chorynth For Your Sword and Sorcery Campaigns

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 This is a fifteen page free OSR pdf that originally appeared in the world of Khass. There is plenty of old school pirate adventure to be had here. You've got culture, locations, adventure seeds, and more all here for free.
Here's the Drivethrurpg blurb: 
Chorynth. Fourteen sea princes –squabbling and fighting to be the greatest, some aloof and cold, others hotblooded and brash. All of them dirty; pirates of each other and everyone around them, bearding the world with brass, steel in their hands and a sneer on their lips. Chorynth is called the island of cutthroats and pirates. A standard it bears proudly.
The country of Chorynth was originally found in the World Book of Khaas, Legendary Lands of Arduin. This expanded version has more grit and detail than the original, as well as associated material appropriate for the Arduin Eternal® game system, published by Emperors Choice Games & Miniatures®.
Chorynth makes an excellent pirate haven that can be dropped into any old school game that being said this makes a great sword and sorcery location of scum and pirates. The place has lots of blank spots on the map that can easily be filled in.
Pirates always mean one thing when it comes to horror games. Manic pirate undead! The movie the Fog from 1980!
Given the propensity of adventurers to end up as pirates especially in an S&S style setting. This free download might get a hell of a lot of play depending on the players. But every party of adventurers needs a place to unload booty, get into fights, and generally have place for the DM to add adventure to his games. This is where this location adds colour, variety, and a much needed injection of intrigue into the mix.

We get a bit of everything with this fifteen page pdf and a nice overview of all of the customs, history, landmarks and more of Chorynth. The level of technology is Renaissance. And the magic level is low as well but we've got a population of scalawags, cut throats, and revears that out matches the Bahamas! We clock in at about 950,000.
Reading it over made me think of Captain Blood as well from 1935 with Errol Flynn. 

Add a bit of pirate treasure and some friends after the holiday and your ready to go! 


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