Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1d20 Sword and Sorcery Minor Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaigns

A Random Selection of Minor Treasures For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaign
1d20 Sword and Sorcery Minor Treasures Table 

  1. A Silver torc with claw marks cut into the sides of the design. The thing grows warm in the presence of lycanthropes 
  2. A pair of silver dice with an imp of the perverse bound into them. The things twitter and move the dice least the way a player wishes them to go. Tells incredibly dirty jokes when not in use. 
  3. A chalice that turns any liquid poured into it into red wine or sour milk. 
  4. A right jewel encrusted hand of a demon. The thing is surrounded by semi precious stones. 
  5. A heavy iron chain from the realms of the Subtle Dead. The chain will claim any raging beast for 1d4 rounds. 
  6. A sling ball made from the gall stone of a hero of old. Its properties are unknown. 
  7. A wooden coin from the heart of the world tree. It will show the true age and form of any who handle it. It will grow warm in the presence of an honest man. 
  8. A set of skeleton keys which form a hand when connected. Supposedly from a prision in the underworld! 
  9. A mad wizard's pipe that continues to smoke itself and occasionally will release a random 1st level spell or curse some fool who handles it. 
  10. A minor energy cell glowing red from some nameless device. The thing beeps rather omniniously and grows hot as well as cools down every forty minutes. 
  11. A carved tooth from a saber tooth tiger, the tooth allows one to see in darkness.. 
  12. A set of pan pipes that play several dirty ditties which inspire madness and firtility. 
  13. A bag containing the silver and brozened testicles of a hero of old taken by a sect of Amazons who want them back. Adds +2 to Charisma and Wisdom every full moon. 
  14. The ever lit fore finger of a fire giant attached to a wooden handle with a fire proof bag. 
  15. A length of gold chain taken from the throat of a god of music. Its powers and properities are unknown. 
  16. A set of magic stones that came from a hydra. Each one contains the wisdom of a sage upon several forbidden and very dangerous subjects. A god wishes to get these back and is looking for them. Which god is not known. 
  17. A small mallet that once belonged to the degerate serpent men. The thing is cursed and any who handle it will grow more violent and mad with each passing day. The curse may be lifted by the kiss of a virgin but passes a minor taint upon her.
  18. The knuckle bones of dwarven slaves to some unknown giant species. The bones allow one to do the work of seven men each new moon but require the blood the user to be used. Every four full moons the user may create a very minor treasure. 
  19. This weird device allows one to see the winds of sorcery and insanity. The device allows one to find interdimensional gateways but only to minor hells of dead. 
  20. A crown from Atlantis in the form of a serpent. Allows communication with the serpentmen. 

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