Monday, December 23, 2013

Free OSR Download - Revised Arduin - A Primer From Emperors Choice

Download it right over
Bloody,Bloody, Arduin comes down from history with a free download,this is great overview of the campaign world of Dave Hargrave created so long ago. I enjoy the hell out of Arduin back in the 90's. This wonderful Emperor's Choice decided to release  this piece as a free download.

According to the blurb: 
The famous document that David Hargrave released at DunDraCon in 1984 that changed Arduin.  It seems fitting, as we contemplate the release of Arduin Bloody Arduin, to talk about the document that revised the original Arduin Grimoire and Arduin Adventure rules.

While short, it cast waves well beyond its brevity.  Enjoy this document as it was presented 29 years ago and bask in the glow of yesteryear.

This is a good solid overview of Arduin and its systems. Arduin was a series of second hand suggestions and ideas that a DM can take or leave but this is a good starting point for a pretty extensive campaign.
Have a great holiday every one. 

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