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'The Humped Men' A New Monster For Ancient And Accursed Terra & For Use With The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg


The Humped Men Are From William Hope Hodgson's
 'The Nightland'

No Encountered : 2d6 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: M 
Movement: 60 
Armor class: 3 
Hit Dice: 3+2 
No. Of Attacks: 2 (Claw & Weapon) 
Damage: (1d6 or per weapon+1) 
Saving Throw: 15 
Morale: 9 
Experience Points: 105 
Treasure Class: C 
These horrors are result of an unholy union between degenerate demonic forces who wait beyond the vale between worlds and a willing subject of mankind.  These unholy unions always result in the birth of Humped Men and these will often result in the birth of the females of this horrid species.
These monsters slay many around them as they enact the agendas of their supernatural parentage. They spread clandestine covens and cults across the countryside by a menu of rape,murder, and horror. These monsters are tribal and share a telepathic hive mind. They are armed with baboon like clawed hands. As well as horrid fanged  jaws capable of unhinging to consume large chunks of meat.
 The Humped Men are capable of seeing in the dark with infravision but can operate in  evening  twilight with little problem. Daylight does no harm to them but causes great discomfort.
While they do survive on a diet of raw cannibalistic meat they also store food stuffs with a large hump like protrusion upon their back. They often sport mutations that give clues to their parentage. These horrors also feed upon the energies of beyond as well. The humped men often feed upon the fear, loathing, and insanity of their victims.
The hump between their shoulder blades provides them with a special organ capable of sensing magical energies at a mile or more around them. These energies often drive them into a feeding frenzy. 

The Humped Men are capable of bursts of speed of thirty mph for short periods to run down prey animals and because of their weird hive mind they often use pack tactics to make themselves the dominate predators for ten or more miles around. 
These creatures communities are often marked with hinges and monoliths  to their hellish parents in praise and worship. The Humped Men often take a variety of trophies for their parents and display these 'treasures'. These are used to lure more victims to their altars.
Surrounding communities often will often have tainted blood lines resulting in a witch or coven who act as go between for the 'Humped Men''s masters in the outer world. These agents are often attractive males or female who work from within to open cities and towns to the influence of the 'Humped Men''s dark masters. The ultimate aim of course is the complete destruction at the claws of these horrors.
The masters and parents of the 'Humped Men' are always the most attractive and comely of ancient degenerate demonic devils or demons. 

“Yes, Doctor,' I said. 'In brief, your argument is that Life is a thing, state, fact, or element, call-it-what-you-like, which requires the Material through which to manifest itself, and that given the Material, plus the Conditions, the result is Life. In other words, that Life is an evolved product, manifested through Matter, and bred of Conditions - eh?'

'As we understand the word,' said the old Doctor. 'Though, mind you, there may be a third factor. But, in my heart, I believe that it is a matter of chemistry; Conditions and a suitable medium; but given the Conditions, the Brute is so almighty that it will seize upon anything through which to manifest itself. It is a Force generated by Conditions; but nevertheless this does not bring us one iota nearer to its explanation, any more than to the explanation of Electricity or Fire. They are, all three, of the Outer Forces - Monsters of the Void. Nothing we can do will create any one of them; our power is merely to be able, by providing the Conditions, to make each one of them manifest to our physical senses. Am I clear?'

("The Derelict")” 
― William Hope Hodgson

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