Monday, December 16, 2013

Free OSR Mega Resource From Dragon's Foot ~ L5A: The Kroten Campaign Guide and Package For AD&D First Edition And Your Old School Retroclone

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This is a one hundred and fifty seven mega resource for free! This AD&D resource details  The Town of Kroten and the near by environs in glorious detail. I'm taking a short break from AS&SH to do a review. According to the introduction :

This manual describes the Town of Kroten and the
nearby area, which is located on Lendore Isle in the
World of Greyhawk. Details include nomenclature used
by the author, world background, and local features.
Also included is a detailed description of the Town of
Kroten, excepting three key areas: The Fane of Syrul, the
Fane of Pyremius, and the Castle Kroten itself. These
areas are described in L5B: The Kroten Adventure
 The whole book is by 
Len Lakofka and company. The book is very well written and easily incorporated into any Greyhawk campaign or any retroclone looking for a drop in campaign. The towns and locations are well fleshed out but not to the point of not being able for a DM to put their own thumb print into  the region.
There are metric ton of new NPC's, spells, idea, adventure hooks, and fully thoughout history to drop into your own game.
 Those wishing to use the full Kroten experience are going to want to get into the five free adventures that make up
 L5B: The Kroten Adventure

 Available Right Over

 This book clocks in at about 96 pages and features some solidly and professionally done adventures that can be dropped into existing Greyhawk campaigns or the start of one taking place exlusively within the Kroten region of the Lendore Islands.
The adventures are interesting as well as deadly in their own right.
They consist of the following: 
This manual details five adventures set in and around
Kroten:  Crypt Adventure
 Fane of Syrul  Fane of Pyremius  Castle Kroten
 There is a further one but I'll let the DM discover that one on his own. This is wonderful package further supported by more free product!
The adventures could provide months of fun for an experienced AD&D party. There is  quite a bit of room for customization and the background for horror as well as depravity is already woven into the fabic of these adventures. These are extremely well done.
 The last book is the 
L5C: The Kroten Campaign Companion

Get it right

This manual provides a wide variety of optional new
material for the game. The new items include:  Rules specific to artisans, magic items, alignment,
thief, and races.  Gambling games.  New weapons and armor.  New gods and cleric abilities.  New spells.  new magic items.  new monsters
 This isn't simply another cast off guide book this is a whole suppliment unto itself. This book gives an indepth look at the whole campaign and everything that goes along with it. There is metric ton of stuff that can be added to your games and its pretty much an essential part of the package. A lot of time, effort, and production went into this book and it shows. The author does a very nice job mapping all of the elements of the campaign and adventures right out for the DM. Its definitely in the spirit of the old TSR adventures of pick what you want, add where needed, and go play tonight in its design.

The last piece of the puzzle for this mega campaign is the L5 Map Pack!
It contains everything you need to get started on the road to adventure! 


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On the the whole this twenty four page map pack provides exactly what the DM needs to run this material. Its solid, well done, and could potentially be used for other adventures if neccesary. The maps are over all very well exacuted and much better then some of the paid products I've seen over the last two years.
The scale is well done and they are easily used with either counters or minis. I wasn't at all disappointed in the quality of this free download at all.

Using The 
L5A: The Kroten Campaign Guide and Package
For Your OSR Campaign


On the whole I was rather please with the efforts of the author and his associates. This a very, very, nicely done free package of material that really echoes the old TSR ethos. Strength through old school design and exacution. Used correctly this material could keep a game going in Greyhawk for months easily. The area is really nicely laid out for the DM to simply download and run.
This material is adult enough to really give experienced players a run for their money.
There is very little to keep a DM from using this material for Osric or any retroclone close to AD&D 1st edition. The monsters and encounters are well thought out and advance quite nicely as the DM moves along in the adventures. There is more then enough hooks to side track and then expand an adventure or location with the regions. All in all its a very well designed package and I was happy to stumble on it this evening. 


  1. You are very welcome! Its a damn fine adventure package for free!
    Play the heck out of it.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about L5! Lenard is still publishing top notch D&D materials, as good as he did back in the 70's.

    But the best material is worthless if no one knows it exists. Again, thanks for your help!

  3. Anytime my friend, I love all of the stuff that he's done over the years. I'll try and get more 'air time' for these modules soon. My biggest problem is time for everything. Never enough hours in the day. Thanks for the words of encouragement as well Bryan. More coming up.