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Wi Strui City Crossroad Of The Worlds For Ancient And Accursed Terra Setting For Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg

Wi Strui City Crossroad Of The Worlds

Decadent and ancient Wi Strui City the trade city and the abode of the first Hyperborea Emperor Lanamelaer.
File:Cao Pi Tang-detail.jpg

 ~Lanamelaer The Twenty Seventh~
Slayer of Derro, Blessed of the Eastern Stars, and Savior of the Western Gate 
And The Provider Of The Sacrament of Trade
Blessed of All Technology 

This strange city seems to have once been a settlement from Hyperborea and now its royal courts trace their linage all the way back to the first ancestors. 
Now a society of trade and politeness during the day and secret societies of Tongs, assassins, and worse during the night. This is a city of contrasts where monks hold the salvation of the common man and the semi divine emperor holds the forces of darkness from the Inner World at bay using forbidden Hyperborean and Atlantian magic.

Wi Strui City's Trade Status 

File:City of Ningpo from the river.jpg

This city state has extensive foreign quarters and  twisting alleyways where foreigners from across the vast Prime Materials come to trade wares, establish contracts, and deal in the decedent treasures of Wi Strui. 
The ancient Atlain Gate systems still function and bring in thousands each year to sample the wares of a million worlds. 
From the strange spices of many worlds and weird Lotus from far off Leng to the Jade treasures of Fal Ru to  artifacts from the Nightlands its all here in the Grand Bazaars  and alchemist shops for your PC's to buy or blunder into.
Giant Automatons and Guardians keep a tight reign on the Foreign Quarter ensuring that nothing escapes into city proper without t the secret police and the Crimson Monks clan knowing about it .

File:Tcitp d051 ancient view of beijing.jpg

Ancient Tongs and secret societies trade arcane technology and relics with Derro spies in the shadow of the city walls while selling wares from the "Gothic Earth" and "The World Between" to clients from across the worlds. Many from the Royal Court come to the cabarets and shows within the Foreign Quarter to be seen, trade information, and establish contracts with the various 'business men'.
 There have been rumors of men from Interzone as well as other dangerous elements occasionally having truck here but of course these are only rumors and urban legend. 

Wi Strui City And The Derro Wars 

Wi Strui City sits on a major tunnel system of the Derro. The region has always been hotly contested between the forces of the emperor and the horrid tunnel dwellers. The city has been rebuilt countless times and much of the Atlain technology found in the tunnel system has formed the basis for the emporium's incredible advances in the forbidden sciences, medicine, and planar control. Still the Derro will not be denied and their forces continue to plague the twisting back alleys of Wi Strui.

File:Tcitp d051 ancient view of beijing.jpg

The Derro occasionally kidnap citizens of 
Wi Strui for experimentation, dissection  and much worse. Occasional Derro relics turn up in the Grand Bizaar as well. They are unreliable at best and dangerous in the extreme. Many alchemist priests will not work at all on these horrors as they are prone to explode into dangerous multi colored grenades doing  1d8 points of damage as well as spraying horrid radiations everywhere.
It is said that the Derro are gearing up for yet another conflict with the city in the coming rainy season. Even now agents of the royal court are hiring adventurers to venture into the twisting tunnels of the Derro to spy and collect intelligence these ancient enemies of mankind. 

1d10 Random Encounter Table For The Streets of
Wi Strui City Crossroad Of The World

File:Lijiang, old town (6170338646).jpg
  1. Barbarian warrior looking for trade and a few adventurers to help with a local clan problem. He is willing to pay in both favors and 1d4 gold ingots. He is not to be trifled with however. 
  2. An alchemist priest trading in the Black Meat and several types of lotus pedals. He is looking for a special type of energy cell for an relic for a client. He is willing to recruit adventurers for a raid on a Derro temple. 
  3. A group of  priests looking for adventurers to help in the slaying of terrible dragon that is besieging their  village.
  4. Water seller in medicinal spring waters and minor potions looking for test subjects. 
  5. A relic repairmen with 1d10 minor treasures to sell. 
  6. A seller of  rare fish from the inner world oceans and maker of alchemical cures looking for adventurers to go with him on an expedition to find a rare specimen. 
  7. A princess on the run from her arranged marriage looking for an escape. Actually a murderous were fox looking for victims in her latest scheme. 
  8. A seller of maps to the treasures of the inner world. Actually a spy for his Derro masters implanted with a horrid control chip that turns him into a murderous psychopath. 
  9. A group of secret police looking to 'arrest' a group of adventurers for a mission for the emperor. 
  10. Derro Raiding party looking to kidnap a group of adventurers for dissection or worse!
    Use Monster Manual II stats and add in energy weapons! 



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