Friday, November 8, 2013

Ten Appendix N style Sword and Sorcery Authors In The Public Domain For Your Old School Reading

A Further List of Appendix N style Sword and Sorcery writers who are in the public domain.
Here is another appendix of writers who seldom get talked about these days.  Many of these writers cross the border into both science fantasy, dark fantasy and sword and sorcery

  1. Edgar Rice Burroughs
  2. James Branch Cabell
  3. Lord Dunsany
  4. Robert E. Howard
  5. Fritz Leiber
  6. H.P. Lovecraft
  7. A. Merritt
  8. Andre Norton
  9. Clark Ashton Smith
  10. C.L Moore *
 I own nothing and have been using this list since 2011. The original list appeared upon the Mule Abides blog. It remains one of the absolute best lists of PD S&S that I've found and I owe the author a great debt of thanks.
The original post is found right HERE.
* please note that much of the material within the C.L. Moore link are part of the 'Northwest Smith' series of science fiction which shares many of the trappings of S&S with the Quest of the Star Stone a solid link between the two 

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