Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review And Commentary On Schweig's Themed Dungeon Generator From Griffon Publishing Studio For Your Old School Campaigns

Get It Right Over 

A couple of days ago I received Schweig's Themed Dungeon Generator from Griffon Publishing Stuido. Basically this is a system agnostic dungeon generator work sheet that allows on to customize randomly created dungeons to the DM's heart's content.
 Believe me when I say that this is truly a customized piece of work. This is a DYI product at its finest. This pdf hearkens back to the Judge's Guild days of fill in your own content and generate the dungeon of your dreams.
 The suggestions about the material are a good beginning but this product really depends upon you expanding it.
The product could easily be used for a horror style of game play or any style really depending on the DM's tastes, time, and effort. Everything from high fantasy to a Silent Hill style encounter set up and setting is within the realm of possibility here. 
Drive Thru rpg description: 
Random dungeon generation systems have been a part of roleplaying games since their birth in the 1970s; these tools for creating randomized settings and encounters have found renewed popularity with the recent resurgence of dungeon-delving in the “Old School Renaissance” movement and the pursuit of solitaire gaming.

Use with any dungeon-delving game system!

Schweig’s Themed Dungeon Generation System provides a form outline for customizing a random delve built around a general theme — such as a goblin lair, sorcerer’s basement, ancient ruin, minotaur’s labyrinth, frog-god temple — easily incorporated into most fantasy roleplaying games and even other genres.
A form and some basic instructions offer guidance in choosing die ranges for corridors, chambers, stocking potential traps and exceptional treasures, and preparing a menu of escalating encounters. Fill out the form in PDF and print to paper or PDF; or just print out the blank form and fill it out by hand. Once complete it’s ready for generating a room-by-room dungeon for on-the-fly group play or an unscripted solitaire delve.

Using The 

Schweig's Themed Dungeon Generator
 For Your Old School Campaigns

Schweig's Themed Dungeon Generator

This is not a product for the faint of heart, seriously this is a product that requires a bit of commitment from the DM to get the most out of  this style of generator. But for $3.00 your going to get a generator that can be used over and over for generating all kinds of dungeons.
This is isn't a complete product by any stretch of the imagination but its a beginning of one. I'd say that if your going to invest in getting this style of generator make sure you understanding the underlying OSR style dynamics.
This isn't a subtle product at all, and its fairly straight forward for generating 1970's style TSR classic dungeons, that being said this generator could be plugged into a horror system or any osr retroclone with no problems. 

*My only real complaint  with the generator is the cover. It deserves a new one. 


  1. "System antagonistic" -- does that mean it it hostile to some (or all) rules systems? Sweet. :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the typo Mike. I've gotten the editing done the review and the correction has been made.