Sunday, November 17, 2013

A'teelra The Dungeon Ripper A New Monster From Ancient And Accursed Terra For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg

The A'teelra Or  Dungeon Ripper

File:Kircher Mundus Subterraneus Vesuvius 1638.jpg

A'teelra Or Dungeon Ripper is found within the fortress/storage houses of Degenerate Atlans or the surface ruins of Derro installations sometimes near surface world. These horrors are much like the rats of mankind. They travel with the Derro and are always with them. They are part predator and clean up crew. The fearless horrors are like something from beyond the pale of mankind's deepest imagination but are actually found within the seas of the inner world. These things move from land to water with little issue and often can be found with damp dripping caves and strange ruins of many inner world dwelling races.
These horrors are protected by a layer of vicious semi acidic slime and rime. They use a form of echo location and primitive empathic senses to 'see' in total darkness. They lash out with six tendrils of powerful muscle and spring steel like grip capable of crushing a grown man's arm. They then attack with razor sharp plate like teeth with thinly and neatly slice through a man's flesh and bone quite easily. There is a 30% chance of these things carrying some horrid disease or underworld contagion.  They have a vile and dangerous aura of evil about them and can be quite cruel as well as cunningly chaotic.
 Often times nests of these horrors are found near the last programmed guarding post where they were assigned. They can often be found around caches of artifacts, treasures, and technological relics acting as guardians and sentinels for masters long since faded from Terra's dark corridors of history.  Often bodies of past victims as well as bones are neatly stacked to attract mates and advertise nest's prowess. 


Number Encountered 1d8 
Alignment : Chaotic Evil 
Size : L 
Move: 70 
Dexterity : 17 
Armor Class:6
Hit Dice:4
No Attacks : 3 ( Tendril, Tendril, Bite) 
Damage : 1d6,1d6,1d4
Saving Throw 12 

Morale: 7
Experience Points: 2,350 
Treasure: F 

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