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Five Miraculous Cauldrons and The Horrors Behind Them For The Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg

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Before 'The Green Death' changed the world of  Hyperborea the Kelt & the various races of men had a tradition of creating sophisticated magical vessels with miraculous powers. Often times these vessels guarded and still guard ancient powers of dangerous and often hellish intent.
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Cauldrons of Inspiration often create 'Greals' or brews of wisdom that will add one to two points of permanent wisdom to their drinkers  but may also add hellish nightmare like visions. Some of these insights were never meant for the mind of man. The fool may attract the attention of one of the gods of Chaos or worse.
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Many brews created from these cauldrons may have the effects of common potions but there may be hidden side effects as well. Weird insights, strange visions, geas, the attraction of the 'Eye of The Gods' or worse can happen.
Cauldrons are often guarded by tribes of warriors, cults, or worse. They are often the objects of warfare, veneration, tribal pride, and great resources.
Rare cauldrons are often guarded by 1d200 warriors or cultists of at least the 1st through their level. These will be true believers and fanatical in their devotion to the holy item. 
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 Those who would damage a cauldron may be struck by a curse of the gods. Often they will be  killed by weird accidents subject to torture if caught and hunted by the cults that Cauldron belongs to.
Many of the arcane secrets for the creation of the larger cauldrons have been lost to time. The following cauldrons are each four and a half foot tall and weight in excess of several hundred to several thousand pounds. Each is worth between 40,000 to 50,000 gold pieces. 

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The Cup of Duririlaba This cauldron allows those who bath in it to regenerate from any wounds as per troll regeneration. The bather however will however be under the eye of the minor gods of Duririlaba who will demand a quest. They will also be subject to nightmares of future events. Once per new moon the cauldron will grant the Visions of the Duririlaba. Weird events and hazy future prophecies of the cult will be given. The paladins of Duririlaba must receive a potion of this cult once within their life time. This sacrament will grant the drinker a holy vision lasting 1d6 days of the great evils that surround their lives. The cup is solid silver and said to made from the tears of these ancient gods. 
The Ethagori's Grail This Amazon cauldron is keep covered within the temple of the Ethagori until a battle draws near. The warriors bath within the cauldron each under the eyes of their goddesses. The cauldron grants special abilities as a potion of invincibly but only for one day of battle. Those who do not return to the temple after battle die as the energies of the cauldron consume them from within. The cauldron also grants healing abilities to its priestesses who consume its waters. The order of Ethagori is very popular and each preistess is known by a mini symbol of this cauldron. 
Fardular- A cauldron of stone and precious gems used by an ancient order of druids.  This cauldron will change any warriors of the tribe of Fardular into a woodland troll for 1d6 days before a battle. The Fardular waters are also used in the production of swords. When the final forging is done the blade is cooled in the waters. A sword is granted a +1 and will never rust as long as it is bathed regularly in the waters. The cauldron also spreads a form of magical wasting disease to those who would not believe in the tribe's ancient heathen gods. 
Nglrtulang- This ancient cauldron creates brutal berserk warriors from those who would drink from it. The cauldron is lost and cared for by a cult of vicious werewolves who murder all the surrounding tribes in the night. The cauldron grants the disease/curse of lycanthropy ever 40 months to those who bath in its waters. The cauldron can create a potion of lycanthroy every seven years but the secrets to its creation is lost for now. The cauldron is said to made from gold, silver, and iron that was bathed in the blood of virgins at its creation. 
Ondrchmandunav- The so called Cauldron of Demon, this ancient stone and jade cauldron gives up  demons of types one and two every new moon. A cult has built up around it and they hidden among the villages of the area. The cauldron also creates cure wounds potions every seven days. Waters from the cauldron can be used to grow pure and healthy crops. The cauldron is supposedly the mouth of some forgotten nether hell but which one is lost to legend. 

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