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Five Potent and Weird Jewels of Hyperborea For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg


There are jewels that have stirred the hearts of men for all eternity. Pieces of cut gems and history made into jewelry which have sent nations to war and gems with an air of destiny about them.
These are five of those some of those jewels whose weirdness and madness have been lost until now.


  1. The Star of Cangoror- This incredibly beautiful multi facet diamond is of such fire that it said to have blinded three master jewelers who cut the very piece.Many of the most potent alchemist priests of Atlantis herself were said to have imbued their terrible magics upon it. The gem and its setting of pure silver suffers from a terrible curse of fate after it was part of an affair of incest and murder most foul in the high houses of Atlantis.
    The gem has been taken and lost in raids twenty three times over the centuries. Those who possess it do so at their folly. The gem is known as 'mureweri ' meaning she who wrecks men. The gem is worth over 20,000 gold and the setting another 4,000 to the right mad collector. The gem casts color spray five times per day and the spirit of the gem(said to be the piece's first victim forever bound within its facets) will allow a high prophecy once per month. This prophecy will allow a user to walk the narrow bounds of fate with 20% chance of success in many mundane endevours. There is a price. For each incredible success there is a minor curse of ruin waiting for the fool. The mechanisms are up to the DM. The gem and settings are said to be the bauble of the gods of chaos and moved where as well as when they will. 
  2. The Eye of Dugurilavaenau- This fiery gem of cats eye and set with a whole crown of miniature diamonds is said to be the bound eye of a minor god. The eye watches all but it is not a static piece. The eye once per day may act as a crystal ball and allow the user to cast spells upon those the eye sees. The eye however is a perverse watcher and will such one temporary point of wisdom from the user after each use. The god will rummage around in the soul of the user and gain many secrets as it can for later black mail or ruin. The gem it is said belongs to an fallen effreti prince who is looking to regain his throne and status. He is a treasonous bastard of the highest order. The gem is worth 10,000 gold and lost to the darkness of under Hyperborea. 
  3. The Etugurgrirchi- This cut crystal is actually solidified planar space bound by mad blind Atlantian slave mages from the first ages. The thing is wrapped in a matrix of silver and spun elemental gold. Twice per day it allows a user to cast dimensional gate but it flawed and opens into all sorts of Lovecraftian nether hells within the Outer Darkness. The gem also whispers incredible secrets and once per day may teach a spell of the Great Old Ones. It is priceless to the various cults of the Outer Ones who will send assassins to retrieve it as soon as it surfaces from the great black oceans it was lost to. 
  4.  The Fangb - A gem of gazing of the Great Race. This gem allows the user once per day to look 1d100 years + their constitution. The gem will suck 1d10 points for every  high secret of the Great Ones the user learns. Wars have been started over this item and a tribe of Kelts claim a heritage with the thing. It is priceless and must remained covered or it will begin casting visions as soon as sunlight hits its mad facets. 
  5. The Rtuinan of Cartri - This gem is said to be the smallest claw of a god of madness worshiped by the Cartri Amazons. The god's gem gives incredible fertility and prosperity to those within its 2 mile zone of influence. The gem is a living thing and pulses with the life giving energies of its god. The deep recessed blue green fire of the gem hides its malevolent influence. Should those users not submit  to the depraved needs of the gem's god the thing will emit strange twisting radiations similar to a 'Colour Out Of Space'. Indeed there is speculation that the gem is somehow connected to the Colours. But that connection remains hidden or lost to legend.
    The thing is the size of a large man's fist and coloured with a blue green unnatural fire. Before a battle many of the warriors of the tribe are blessed with a bark skin spell until sun rise.
    They are also blessed with fertility and fortune for their house should they spill the most blood for  '
    The Rtuinan'. The thing it is also said to impart unnatural wisdom and valor upon the queen of the Cartri. She may cast a grand curse upon an individual or group once per month or bless them. The thing is priceless and three times it is said to have almost been taken by reckless adventurers. Of those nothing is spoken. The rest of the powers of this thing remain hazy at best.

    Picture of a diamond.

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