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Ancient And Accursed Terra - A New Campaign Setting For Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers of Hyperborea

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Beyond where the North Winds blow past the  Black Gulf there is another world. The world of Ancient And Accursed Terra. This world was once seeded by "Those From Beyond". This was once a world of savagery, sorcery, and Atlantian super science.File:Amulet of Venus and Mars.png

But those days are long past and only now are men emerging from the darkness and the long silence that followed in the wake of the sinking of Atlantis,Mu, and more.
 But their survivals even now plot to retake this world from the darkness beyond the poles where the Elder Things and the Great race once seeded the interior world.

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 This is not our world but a world of  powers at the world's core who wait plot and look at the world as nothing more then a resource to be exploited. Mankind sends representatives of all races into the dark places to plunder ancient ruins, learn the secrets of  those beyond the illusion and take the relics, artifacts, and treasures left behind. 
And while left behind they are still guarded by the monsters, survivors, and far more dangerous inhabitants of the civilizations of Atlantis, Mu, and many other legendary ancient horrors. 

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Many scholars of Terra believe that the planet was once the home of the Atlans and it was they who seeded the races of planet from the stock of Hyperborea. Even though their machines have been found within the interior of some of the great volcanoes. The matter rages within the meeting halls and temples of the great clerics.
The Derro degenerate races who lay claim to their treasures are far too real however as do the Morlocks with whom the Derro make war for the rights to hunt and kill the races of mankind

Welcome to Terra The Accursed
Terra The Ancient
File:1710 First Japanese Buddhist Map of the World Showing Europe, America, and Africa - Geographicus - NansenBushu-hotan-1710.jpg

There are many terrors above and below the ground. The Derro often use Peterson's Basklisk as guardians and servitors. These vat grown horrors are far from common but often encountered after a Derro  raid or strike upon a surface village or town. 
Peterson's Basklisk 

File:Hane basilisk.jpg

Number Encountered : 1d4 
Alignment : Chaotic Evil 
Size : L 
Movement: 30 
Dexterity: 9 
Armour Class: 4 
Hit Dice : 6+4 
Number of Attacks : 2 ( Kick, Bite) 
Damage : 2d6 bite, 2d8 kick 
Saving throw : 14 
Morale : 10 
Experience points : 1,050 
Treasure : F 

 Petersen's Basilisk is named after the alchemist priest who first encountered the beast upon Terra and wrote about it within his journal. These beasts were left behind by the Derro's attack upon the up world village of Krug as terror weapons and displayed an evil chaotic cunning of devilish cruelty.
The beasts use the four feather like antenna to sense their prey and use both a gaze which can turn a being to stone and a highly septic blood venom for attack/defense. Anything meeting their gaze must make a transformation save or be turned to stone. Combatants who are bitten or attack with the a bite or kick must make a save vs poison or die a horrid death within three rounds. The monsters often take the bones, trinkets, and shiny treasures of their victims to decorate their lairs to lure mates.
The things are blood thirty meat eaters and often hunt live stock or farmers as easy prey. The things have dense scale like armor and are powerful runners. They have been known to foul water sources in order force prey animals(humans) into the open. It is said that the things have a telepathic rapport with their Derro masters. 

Public Domain  
Source Material 

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