Friday, October 25, 2013

The Otulungw Or False Seraphim For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

File:Der Alte Matrose b 29.jpg
The Otulungw Or False Seraphim
Undead Type 10
Number Encountered : 1d10 
Alignment Chaotic Evil 
Size M 
Move : 30 (Fly 50) 
Dex 8 
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice 11 
No of Attacks : 2 
Damage - 
Morale 10 
Experience points 1,900 
Treasure Type : E, S 

The destruction of Atlantis created a huge well of lost and damaged souls left in the wake of this horrid cosmic cataclysm. The Otulungw Or False Seraphim are actually the totality of the damned or damaged souls collectively gathered into a chaotic arrangement of anger, fate, and complete falsehood still left in the wake of Atlantis destruction. They have come to feed.
These monsters hate the living with a burning passion and often try to lead ships and the like into reefs, shoals, and dead drop zones where said ships will wreck themselves and these horrors can feed upon the living!
Cursed with undeath these horrors are caught between undead and complete damnation. They find perverse please in draining the life force of their prey and shedding part of their spirits into the living thus creating more like them.
 Special : 
  • Sight of these things inspires  awe as their illusions of an almost god like glow acts as a charm spell on those who see them unless a save vs sorcery is made. 
  • Only harmed by silver or magical weapons
  • Immune to all the usual standard mundane damage 
  • They attack twice per round with horrid clawed hands and age victims 1d20 years unless death save is made. Each successful attack leeches away a bit of the victims soul. Finally the poor fool will join The Otulungw Or False Seraphim in everlasting torment caught between life and undeath. 

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