Monday, October 7, 2013

Dragon's Foot's Free Adventure - The Tower of Azal'Lan For Your Old School Horror campaigns

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This is a free solid adventure module done in the OSR tradition and another solid entry in the Gothic Horror Tradition of AD&D and retroclone games.
According to Dragon's foot : 
The lich Azal'Lan ruled his people with an iron fist, that is until his enemies marched against him and he was forced to flee and was never heard of again. 

An AD&D adventure for 5-9 characters of level 4-6.

This is a soldily well put together adventure and has its background firmly within the OSR spheres. This is the type of adventure that can easily add more then a bit of background to an existing game and add a whole new dimension to existing campaigns. 

The author does a fine job adding a bit of background, a few hooks to get things moving and then tosses your party into the deep end. 

The maps are well done. The ideas here solid and interesting. This is great mini horror campaign adventure. This one is easily done for a weekend's entertainment and get together with friends. 

Do have some extra character sheets handy. 

The fact is that this isn't as well known as it should be. This is a fine middle of the road adventure that will take a party through their paces quite well. 
Here are ten reasons to use this adventure. 

  1. This isn't a well known adventure and it can easily be dropped into an existing Gothic horror campaign. Add in some Jack Shear action and this adventure becomes a fine Halloween fit. 
  2. This adventure seems to follow a convention set making this a very easy to run gauntlet style game. 
  3. This adventure feels someplace between Greyhawk and Ravenloft depending upon your players expectations. 
  4. The traps and tricks are very much in the old school vein and this is as good thing. 
  5. The deal with the explorations bits in this one can be quite lethal. Add in a dollop of Gothic and this one is good to go. 
  6. The module reads like a solid 80's sword and sorcery flick rental with the right group of players. 
  7. There are more then a few story hooks worked into this adventure that can be later exploited to get the party back into this location for mop up duty.
    The location could possibly become a regular campaign feature with a little DM effort. 
  8. This is a free resource. 
  9. The author does a good job with this material enabling this one to be tight, solid, and very easy to run. 
  10. Since this is a generic adventure its very easy to adapt this one to any number of parties. Have fun with this one and remember Azal'Lan is watching. 

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