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Review & Commentery On The OSR Free Resource - Player's Guide to Lesserton From Faster Monkey Games For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

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Sometimes PC's need a base or place to spend the loot, get to the local brothel, and deal with things between adventures.
This isn't that place! This is a rolling boom town with plenty of issues, side quests, and weirdness to keep a party going!
According to Drivethrurpg : 

This 16-page supplement gives you everything you need to get started in the dirty town of Lesserton, the "Adventurer's Paradise!" From the new Orkin PC race, to stores and inns and bars, to unique gambling games, to rules for contacts and enemies, Lesserton offers fresh options for any fantasy campaign in any old-school set of rules.
Part of the complete LESSERTON & MOR supplement from Faster Monkey Games.
LESSERTON & MOR also contains:
The Referee's Guide to Lesserton: Everything needed to use the town of Lesserton as a home base for a campaign and a site for many urban escapades. With a bonus adventure by Jeff "Bighara" Sparks!
The Referee's Guide to Mor: Everything needed to run countless, varied adventures in the Ruins of Mor, from negotiating with Vermin Tribes to fighting monsters deep under the rubble. Plus a bonus dungeon crawl by Bighara!
Ruins Map: Large color map of the Ruins of Mor, covering over two square miles, using the unique Septhex system to track the locations of lairs, buildings, monsters, and mysterious dangers alike.

 Using The 
 Player's Guide to Lesserton 
For Your Old School Horror Games 

Every party needs a small town as base where they can rest up, heal, and get on with the business of adventuring. This sixteen page place isn't it at all. Instead this location covers a two mile area bristling with weirdness to add in as a side adventure location with some pretty horrific overtones. Add a bit of Jack Shear's Gothic and presto you've got a great Gothic side adventure waiting to happen! 
This is part of a greater whole but clocking in at sixteen pages this small set makes an excellent Npc pick up point with lots of potential.
The place drips with a dark 80's D&D atmosphere and would make an excellent side project for adventurers and parties!
 The fact is this little section book sketches out everything needed to run a small rural or urban style adventure game in the old Warhammer fantasy tradition. The place is very well done.
Grab this one folks its a real hoot! 

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