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Five Magic Items of Potent and Horrific Circumstances for Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

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The Varied Instrument of Clumuru 
 This potent twelve pound mechanism is a collection of multiple gears and clock work like workings that was never made for human hands. The mechanism is fact a product of the Great Race and its purpose is unknown. There are over two hundred individual pieces of this item that fold out, extend, move at odd times.
The mechanism sometimes seems to hum with its own internal frame work of pitched vibration. By trying different combinations. The thing will create a time stop for 1d8 rounds once per day. Another combination causes the user and those within a 5 foot radius to randomly blink. And when twelve or more of the pieces of this item are used there is a 60% chance of attracting the intellect of  a member of the Great Race whose mind will try to possess the user. There are many other effects of this item but the DM should create their own.
The instrument is supposedly indestructible and will heal itself of any damage every four rounds slowly healing the damage as a living thing. 

There are rumors that this piece exists in twelve time periods and destroying it would have horrid effects on the  the local space time continuum. 

 The Knot Of Broru
 This object is a logic knot in phyisical form and allows the user to tie demons or devils from the Outer Darkness into knots of logic for 1d8 rounds.
The monsters can not attack unless attacked first. The knot makes the monster recite the puzzle and its solution each time it is used.
There will always be between 1d4 and 1d20 charges determined randomly by the DM. After the last charge is used the knot disappears in a puff of reason and law to cause havoc for the forces of darkness else where.
Once per day the knot may cast legend lore upon other objects. Their history and purpose will be revealed. There have been many oaths and promises sworn on the knot. Those who make a promise upon the knot will be under a geas until its completion.

 The Angel of Destiny 

This is a statue of an Atlantian angel of destiny but in actuality it is angel imprisoned within the form of a statue.
The angel has been imprisoned within this form to watch over the world of Hyperborea until the end of time. The statue has passed from owner to owner. Often times its powers dormant for centuries.
The angel's size varies from a small hand held statue to the form of a garden statue. The angel will speak telepathically with its owner of dire secrets and ancient forbidden histories. The angel is a watcher from out of time's abyss and once per day may cast any first or second magic user spells. The angel has a malevolent personality and likes to taunt,as well as  tease its owner with their darkest secrets. The statue is actually a fixed anchor in time and space allowing it to peer through history. Once per day the angel may summon the shade of any figure of history. There is a fifty percent chance that this isn't the actual person or historical figure but a demonic essence with the powers of a wight.
The owner may ask three questions of the shade upon the last question the shade will dissolve back into the beyond once again. The same shade may not be summoned for 12 full cycles of the moons of Hyperborea.
The statue's destiny is tied to the planet and any physical damage as a troll. Should the angel be in danger of being destroyed it will teleport away to turn up at another key point in history.

The Sword Of AK

File:Königsberger Richtschwert.JPG
 Forged in the fires of Heilos and tempered in the waters of Posieden in ages of Old Earth. This blade has been etched in the designs of death and life itself by ancient wise gods long forgotten in another age.
The sword appears as a  well made +2 sword but in fact may piece the essence of things allowing the cutting equals and cosmic opposites.
The sword may cleave a man's soul into individual pieces and separate truth from the fiction of cosmic lies.  Being cut by the sword produces damage but also creates a good or evil being of the target. This being will exist for 1d10 days but upon the sun set of the last day both beings will die. The sword even has a 20% chance of cutting or deflecting energy weapon damage once per week. 
The sword must never be used against priests of the Forgotten Ones. But no one knows who they are.They have consigned the sword to the mists of time and legend until one quests for it once again. 

The Needles of Skein
File:Chantier de fouilles à Morigny-Champigny en juin 2012 25.jpg

These needles were left upon the battle field of the Gods. They have been passed from the hands of shamans of Hyperborea for generations. They allow the user to repair rends and tears  within the souls of  victims of evil spirits, demons, and other horrors. These needles are threaded with the stuff of souls taken from the rives of the dead.
The needles in the hands of a third or better shaman or witch will allow one to heal 1d20 points of damage per use. There is  30% chance of a missed stitch though which will cause the victim to lost 1d4 points of wisdom or intelligence.
These needles are passed from tribe to tribe as needed.
They have been the subject of wars, tribal extermination  and worse. It is said that the gods of chaos allow these items to sew more then merely men's souls but discord and disharmony upon Hyperborea. 

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