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Boreas Snows Ancient And Deep ~ A Sword & Sorcery Adventure Setting For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea ~History Part Two & Encounter Set Up


" All has become a matter of survival against the other tribes my son. The hunt went well after we traded the 'Lightning weapons' which spit fire and fury at the ancient wyrms in the deep Northern snow belt region.
The trade with the Mechanists was a good one.
 The wise ones needed the eggs of the horrid things to forecast the tribe's future.
To see beyond sight and look into the murk beyond the Boreas Winds.
But the price my son was far, far, too high.

We have lost three tribe members to the damnable ruins of the Cloud Giants fortresses and still the ancestors of our people do not rest easy in their graves now!
 It began and must end with the well of our people.
They come for us now!
We must put them to fire now and move on towards the South. We  found the well and let loose that 'Old Hates' and they track us now!  The other tribes will kill us for letting loose this curse.
Even now I can hear them in my dreams and my mind. They're stumbling, horrid low cries and they're coming for us.
We needed the special metals of our ancestors and the white coloured blades for arrows that do not melt in the heat of the snow wyrms. Take the eggs of the snow wyrms and leave me for our ancestors to feast on.
At least the rest of the tribe will now will have a chance. If you should survive and remain free of contagion meet up with the tribe in the South where the game is plentiful.
Remember the wise men must open the keys and the gates to Hyperborea for our saviors to come through.
 Go now ans I will use the last remaining magic of the stick of destruction to take as many of them and give you a fighting chance.
May the blessings of 'Old Earth' be upon you. Tell your mother I love her. May you have many strong sons!
File:Run - zombies are on their way.jpg
 And so It begins.

Rumble upon
File:前路茫茫,只有荒凉的雪山和戈壁 only snow mountains and deserted land ahead (4300033277).jpg

Venseclav, is a small exo world planetoid that sits within the Boreas Winds of Hyperborea. This world sits within the path of the Boreas that blows beyond Black Gulf. Venseclav is a world warmed by ancient Atlantian technology but  is forever caught within an ice age. Wandering tribes of proto human Atlantian survivor degenerate tribes make war with the primitive remains of Kelts, Amazons, and Vikings as well as many others.But it wasn't always so. This was once a holiday world where generations of hunters came to stalk and kill the great beasts of Hyperborea. Many monsters were imported from across the cosmos. Is this past or the future? No man can say anymore. This is a world on the knife's edge.
The children of Ymir stalk this world and eat the souls of anyone they come across. They feed and feed well upon this little exo- planet of Old Hyperborea.  They are however tainted beings passing their own horrid brand of undeath.
Those who exit the Aurora gates will be confronted by zombies but these aren't ordinary zombies. They're ghoul blooded undead from Old Earth. Monsters caught between undeath and the curses of gods of old. They've been suspended in time by their horrid curse. And now with the return of Ymir's children they're in a near state of frenzy. There will be 1d20 of these things to confront adventurers coming through the gates. Some will escape any melee only to mark the PC's for later tracking and eating. Three perhaps four of the horrors still retain a diabolical intelligence enough to use any old technology left upon the world that they come across. Many are Hyperborean or Atlantian survivors cursed by Ymir for siding with the cloud giants.
 The cloud giants are extinct but their servants the ice dwarves are not. They operate behind the scenes through a series of agents and trading blinds. There are only a handful left now. These are the only beings able to repair any magic items or relic technology of giants or of the Atlantian survivors.
 Now the keys and the gates to Hyperborea have been thrown open. Not only will saviors come but who knows what vile beings will as well.
The tribe of the Iruitro has released both their undead ancestors and gates. They are a doomed people unless their honor is restored to them. Even now both undead and other tribes hunt for them.
The gate is open and the trap is set! What fool hardy adventurers will step through?
 What fools will brave the keys and gates of  

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