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Ten Artifact Hearts For Your Old School Horror Campaign Just In Time For Valentines day

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Ten Artifact Hearts 
  1. The Heart of Aloth -This heart belonged to a butcher who preserved it in brine. When placed within the chest of a the victim the heart removes all emotion but grants the user a sort of undead eternal life. The heart is empowered by the powers infernal. 
  2. The Heart of Chalirdetural- This ancient Aztec jeweled heart is a thing of beauty and grants the user "fertility" and abundance in life but the user must sacrifice one victim every two weeks. The user grows more and more blood thirsty with each passing day. The owner will be under a berserk spell when the heart is found. Others will desire to possess the thing because of its beauty.  
  3. Dulrugb's Heart - This brass heart belonged to a barrow king who wanders the Earth searching for it. The heart allows the owner to regenerate as a troll. Any damage is passed on to the ancient barrow king who experiences all of the pain and the ower has the ability to pull from the memories and experiences of the great warrior 
  4. Duroba's Promise - This heart allows the owner to become Duroba The Great King of ancient Africa. The user gains +3 on Wisdom and Charisma and becomes a paragon of the manily virtues. He gains infravision as his eyes become windows into the soul of the great king. Eventually the user becomes a vessel for the great king.He gains the infernal blood lust and demonic taint that marked the reign of lust and blood of this ancient monarch. 
  5. Farina- This jeweled heart of glass and steel is a modern masterpiece of art. It belonged to mad genius homeless man whose art career was marked by bloodshed and madness. The user gains +1 intelligence and +3 wisdom as the user gains access to the Outer Darkness realms and his mind becomes twisted by the Old Ones. The user gains vast insights into twisted vistas of reality. 
  6. Fauavaro's Heart - "The mad medical student of Berlin"  Fauavaro owned this heart and used it on his female victims who were brought back to a mockery of life and undeath. Within the heart dwells the spirit of an ancient twisted Lovecraftian succubus waiting for the next corpse. She will communicate with the owner telepathically, tempting them with the most depraved sins and pleasures. The user gains +2 to intelligence as he becomes a vessel for the forbidden medical secrets of the Mi Go and this ancient evil's cult. -2 wisdom. 
  7. Gliaeroturi's Desire - This ancient wood heart belonged to a strange twisted Russian cult and has passed from hand to hand. It has a series of unusual religious drawings carved into it and allows the user access to many 4th level spells twisted by the Old Ones. The user gains no knowledge of them as the heart uses the owner as a mere vessel for them. The user's skin and organs are converted into wood as he uses the spells. After 1d4 months he will be nothing more then a life like wooden doll. 
  8. Goror's Guardian - This heart is often placed in corpses by twisted cults. The heart animates the corpse into a demonic vessel. The heart draws its strength from the negative planes and is made from the coldest iron of ancient forbidden nether realms. The vessel gains 4 hit dice, regenerates as a troll, and the heart produces a foul acidic poison so the touch of the monster does 1d4 points of damage 
  9. Hendungotu- This ancient heart of glass has passed through the hands of many foul cults and made its way to many places. The Hendungotu is implanted in the chest of its owner and grants access to 10th level spells. This is a whore's promise. The heart is actually the vessel of an ancient Greece lich who takes over the corpse of the user. The heart's energies are such that it will burn out the corpse with 1d4 days of implantation. The lich's higher memories are gone and it is easily molded by whomever owns the heart. Its afterlife has been a blur of cults, bloodshed, and ancient forbidden unrealized promises. There was a girl but the memory is gone. 
  10. Kororoth - This wooden heart belonged to Kororoth a fierce warrior of the Lovecraftian tribes of Asia. The heart grants blood lust, bravery, and the sort of false immortality that comes with the Mythos. The owner must sacrifice an enemy each new moon or the heart will curse the user with a berserk spell for 1d4 rounds. The owner must find someone to love him by the time of the full moon.  The heart will twist him in mind as well as body with pain if he should fail. The heart will keep its owner in a state of minor undeath until these conditions are met.
Many of these items will be found within the lairs of various cults across the planes. They may also turn up with the evidence rooms of police stations, museums, etc. Some of these items are things of beauty and twisted artwork they float down the stream of eternity. They bring misery and deviltry wherever they are found. Even though they are curse they sometimes fetch thousands of dollars to collectors of such things and other times mere paltry sums. The road to the lower realms are littered with treasures such as these.
Because of the aura of the supernatural associated with these items they will often rebuild themselves if damaged. Many times there will be a guardian monster who will look after the well being of such things. They have been known to track down those who would destroy such items. These monsters will be exceptionally twisted examples of their race and have max hit points. 

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