Friday, February 8, 2013

1d10 Deep One Random Finds For Your Old School Horror Campaign

" After the latest raid on the lonely Island of Esbrook off the coast of  Maine. Our party found "things" left behind never created by the hand of mortal man. The marines drove them off but the price in man power was incredible. For some reason the sea seems to sing to me this evening. That damn strange flute even now sits on the desk. Its angles seem to glint and dance in the light like the luxuriousness of certain fish in the Abyss of the Atlantic." 
Corporal Martino USS Ulysses missing off the coast of Maine 1925 last diary entry 

1d10 Deep One Random Finds
  1. Deeply pittied sacrfical knife with odd glyph symbols that glints in the light. Wickedly sharp and looks to almost be a boning knife. +1 Knife of sharpness 
  2. Hooks and chains with barbed ends. 300 yards of chain that could be used for something of tremendous size. The ore that it is made from is oddly bluish green and its rusted at odd places. The hooks have bits of dried flesh, ichor, and something less identifiable on them. Wickedly sharp, black in places, and broken at certain points the barbs do 1d4 points of damage. 
  3. Effigy of Mother Hydra - This +1 war club of a heavy iron material sings with the spell "Call Deep One" when held. One nights of the full moon it will call 1d8 Deep One warriors to the user. 
  4. Odd Blue Green Coins - Made from a weird semi luminous material these slightly radioactive coins are used in the rites to call a shaggoth or Father Dagon to the those who pay the price. The coins are deeply pitted and rusted in places. There is dry human blood on them and they are also slightly radioactive. 
  5. Deep One Cross Bow Bolts - These wicked barbed weapons have bits of dried human flesh on them and other things. They are a +1 weapon but must be modified to work on a human cross bow. They are made from iron and something else that is alien and they have an oily sheen to them. 
  6. Weird Gill Flute - Made from fish bones, dried whale flesh, and twisted metal. This flute echoes with the song of Cthulhu when held. It may call a 1d4 hit point storm/elemental when played. There is a 20% of the deep ones noticing the user playing this item and attracting their attention 
  7. Figurine from Beyond - This multi-armed monstrosity conforms to no known human god. The thing is 4 inches high and is covered from its multiple heads to its pedestal in glyphs. On the nights of  the full moon it whispers and sings three spells of 2nd level to the user. On nights of the new moon it sings a song of insanity. 
  8. A Necklace of Human Teeth And Finger bones - This necklace rattles when danger to the user is nearby and threatens the user. 1d20 ghosts follow the owner. They will wait for the user to show weakness and then tear the owner apart. 
  9. The Frog Glass - A lump of molten glass with a single inhuman eye  floating in it.The thing shows various Deep One cities. When you hold the item it sings the praises of madness and the Old Ones. There is a 60% chance of a shaggoth or worse noticing the user. The thing automatically allows the breath water spell once per day. 
  10. The Spell Staff of Depravity - This twisted staff of coral and human bone allows the user to transform into a Deep One once per day. It has the following spell like powers : Darkness, Charm person, Mass illusion, Field of the Eel 1d4 points of damage 20 foot radius, and call Shaggoth. All powers usable once per day. There is a price for the power however. The second the owner picks up the staff their genetic structure becomes one with the Deep Ones and is polluted forever more. Using the powers of the staff marks the soul of the user as the property of the Great Old Ones and all that comes with it. 

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