Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1d10 Random Uncanny Ghostly Encounters Table For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

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1d10 Random Uncanny Ghostly Encounters Table
  1. This tragic lady phantom needs a party to avenger her death and is willing to exchange knowledge of the other side for the favor. There are however complications.
  2. A former crime boss has ill gotten gains that he wants to share for a price. 
  3. An ex hit man's ghost needs to protect his son from himself. Can you help?
  4. The spirit of a little old lady needs to be put to rest. Her killers must be brought to justice lest her monstrous spirit kills again. Can you help? 
  5. The ghost of a snitch has some damned secrets to tell and they've been driving men mad for the last 13 days. 
  6. The specter of a janitor knows all of the secrets of his former building including the treasure of gold that they killed him for. Can you help put him to rest? 
  7. The wraith of a call girl needs the help of some heroes. Her killers are still at large and are going to kill her sister upon the next full moon. 
  8. That ghost you saw out of the corner of your eye is actually the daughter of a wealthy socialite. She's not dead yet but will be soon. Her spirit is already haunting her killers. Namely you and your crew 
  9. A group of ghostly former adventurers needs help in tracking down their own killers. They appear to be getting very hungry for human souls. Can you help?
  10. A magic sword that used to devour human souls has been broken and it has released 1d10 of the most dangerous specters from history upon the city. Only your party can help put them to rest. 

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