Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 Magic Items Lost Between Worlds For Your Old School Horror Campaign

  1. "A twisted piece of plane wreckage in the shape of a wand" -  This piece of twisted wreckage from a downed military craft of unknown origin seems to bleed during the new moon. It may be used by a necromancer to summon 1d4 shades of the dead who have died in air related accidents. When tucked under a pillow this item grants dream access to alien skies on ancient horror filled worlds. The item will disappear if taken aboard a plane with terrific scream 
  2. A Brass Key - This key opens the dreams of madmen and the not quite sane. The user inserts the key into the ear of the victim. The victims dreams will appear in cloud like visions above the fool's head. A wisdom check is needed to access the correct dream and there is only a 20% chance of finding out anything useful. The victim will be unhurt by the experience but will suffer from horrifying nightmares of jailers and demonic locks for 65 days after the experience. The key must be stroked regularly or it may send these visions to the user. A certain nightmare demon is looking for this key. 
  3. "Piece of a door frame made from a piece of rusted metal"  -This door frame opens a door to hell when it is inserted into a broken door frame. The doorways will be open for 1d4 rounds and the trip is one way. The piece has a history of stranding users in hell. The frame will also grant one vision of hell per new moon and whispers the torments of the damned on Sundays 
  4. "A simple locket and lock with a twisted chain of gold" This odd item belongs to a member of the high court of fairy who used it as a tool to woo and drive a victim insane. The locket contains the poor woman's soul and her ghost will serve the owner without fail for 1d4 days. The lock contains her dreams and her will. When opened it will grant an illusion of such beauty that those who experience it will be held as if charmed for 1d4 days. The chain of gold when put upon the neck of a lover or would be lover will act as a dominion spell. There are agents of both death and fairy who are searching for this item. Should the fey catch up with the owner they will strip him or her of their most precious dreams. The agents of death need this item to make the girl's soul whole again. There is a 60% that they may punish the owner by cutting up the owner's soul instead. 
  5. A Crystal Ball - This crystal ball contains the soul of the gypsy fortune teller who owned it. After a fierce battle with the demon Orcus the demon lord trapped her soul in this bauble and cast it into the void.
     The ball has the following powers: Darkness, charm, minor lightning strike ofr 1d4 points of damage 20' range and Show Dark Fate. The ball will show future events but only the most vile aspects of them. The ball will cry and bleed when its powers are used. There is a 20% of the spirit of the ball possessing the user. There is a 10% chance of Orcus knowing that the ball is being used and seeking out the owner.
    File:John William Waterhouse - The Crystal Ball.JPG
Note that there agents from across the planes searching for these items. They may stay with the owner temporary only to seemly to move on to another owner. These items seem to have an evil  streak about them and cause mayhem and woe to those who possess them. 


  1. Where did you get the inspiration?

  2. Well it was actually reality that inspired this piece of gaming related madness.
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