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The Cyothoit - The Cyclopean Deep Giants A Lovecraftian Monster For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

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 The Cyothoit -  The Cyclopean Deep Giants are part of the Deep One Hybrids that are often found along the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of the globe. These monsters also make their homes in Lake Eerie and several other fresh water lakes in the United States And Canada.  The monsters often prey on passing ships accompanied by their deep one brethren. The monsters will eat any they can catch within their talons as they murmur praises to their unthinking and insane gods.
The monsters are Deep Ones whom have been favored in the service of Mother Hydra and Father Dagon. The "blessings" of these beings further twist the mind and bodies of these creatures. Scientists and top biologists in their field at the Paranormal Studies Group of Rosewood who have seen and studied these beasts conclude that they need 60% more protein then the average Deep One. Slow Regeneration as Troll taking up to six months.
The monsters are continually regenerating and adding cells, tissues, etc. They are almost immortal in every sense of the word. Only Fire and atomic radiation will destroy the tissues of these foul  fiends from the depths of their watery Hells. 
The Cyothoit have a foul cunning that enables them to select a victim or sacrifice that must be given over to their foul gods on the new moon. The victim will become charmed to the beast and will willingly walk into its foul claws.
There have been several instances of authorities coming across cults or so called Flocks headed by a 
Cyothoit priest. These creatures use a psychotropic poison sting that will charm any victim who fails its saving throw. 
These beings are often accompanied by 1d6 Deep Ones or warriors when raiding commercial or passenger ships 
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Type: Monstrous Aquatic Humanoid
Armor Class:6(13)
Hit Dice:6+4 
Attacks: 2 Claws (1d3), Bite(1d8),Tail Spikes(1d6), Mouth Barb(1d3+poison)
Saving Throw : 11 
Special: Charming poison 
Move: 12
Challenge Level/XP 8 /800

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