Monday, April 28, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Resource - Quick Start Equipment Menu By Ben Ball

Grab it right over
This is a great little free  resource for AS&SH, an equipment list and so much more.
According to the AS&SH website: 
Quick Start Equipment Menu for AS&SH is a time-saving resource created by Ben Ball. This 7-page PDF document helps players speed up the purchase of starting equipment, including a variety of adventure packs to choose from and premade starting lists.
This little PDF allows players to choose from a wide variety of base starting equipment packages and to suit them to their characters and then jump right into their adventures with their DM.
The fact is that while this is one use for this list another would be to equip NPCs quickly as well. And with a bit of imagination to equip NPC monsters,troops, and more as well.
The material is really nicely laid out and the product is pretty clear in its directions, intent, and choices.
The idea of this sort of cookie cutter approach to an old school game is actually pretty insightful and allows the product to have a wide variety of uses. Add to the fact that this is a free quality list of options for equipment and you've got a very useful list that could easily be adapted and used for various sword and sorcery adventure set ups with PC's. Another idea that was given to me by a friend is that this list could be used for quick johnny on the spot found equipment for when a PC runs across a corpse. Done correctly and no one might be the wiser.
As I said there are other uses for this free seven page old school pdf. The fact that is alright created for AS&SH is a bonus.
 Get this one while you can. 

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