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Three Masks Of Weird And Potent Circumstance For Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers of Hyperborea

File:MAscara 1.jpeg
Mask of Old Earth -
This mask is passed down from tribal shaman to shaman. The mask allows one to with the add of certain potent herbal formula to launch one's mind into the collective memories of Old Earth that still linger around the Boreas Winds of Hyperborea.
There the fragments of spirits, memories, and bits of Old Earth ghosts are still caught within these winds. The Shaman may gain 1d8 fragmented memories of those far gone times but they will be weird and tumbled as a cyclone of memories of the former holders.
There is a 40% chance that a memory may hold a key piece of information for the user of the mask. There is also a 30% chance of the Old Earth ghost following the user back to his place of use. A ghost may appear in the midst of those using this device and have the appropriate powers of a ghost as per the AS&SH monster guide.
The mask can only be used 3 times per day and must be bathed in the moonlight of Hyperborea after such operations.
Use of the mask more then three times may attract a demon or worse to the user. 

Mask of The Red Warriors of Thog
File:Mask statue2.jpg
 These masks turn up from time to time among the various market places and bazaars of certain forbidden cities of Hyperborea.
These masks are partially of weird  living materials and  the spun dreams of demons.  They allow the user to peer into the inner mysteries of the human soul. The insanity and so called Monsters of the Id  of the target will be revealed. Shadows, inner secrets, perversity, and more will be revealed.  The target is allowed the standard saving throws.
Three times per day these strange and terrifying manifestations can be given form as per the phantasmal force spell. These things will want to tear the parent limb from limb though. A wisdom check is needed to secure these horrors in place. Certain dread insanities may be battled by the mask wearer and killed thus ending the suffering or insanity of the target.
Perversely the user may let loose the horrors of the mind and soul upon the target. Over use of this item will allow the user's own horrors of their mind to make manifest even if they are not wearing the mask.
Mask Of The Fleshless Ones

File:Latex mask.jpg

This mask is the still living but shed skin of a doppleganger. The mask allows one to take the shape and continence of another for 1d8 rounds. The user will have access to the thoughts and memories of the target if the mask is donned within forty yards of the target and they are within line of sight.
The mask will allow the user to  ability to Detect Thoughts, which helps them to mimic their target almost flawlessly by imitating their mannerisms and discovering information that only their target would know. Three times per day. Or there is a 20% chance that  it may Project Thoughts to the target instead. The user's inner most thoughts and secrets may enter the target's mind even as their shape is copied! Even after the mask is used for a time the thing's effects may linger  for 1d6 days. Skin will not appear normal and have a more then slightly unhealthy cast to it. -2 on all Charisma based abilities. 

The masks are used in weird and horrid rites by certain tribes of the dopplegangers as the users are forced under the masks and their individuality is stripped away bit by bit under the unfailing eye of their horrid god! 


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