Friday, November 1, 2013

Commentary And Review Of The Free Horror Setting - Jack Shear's Slithdale Hollow PDF Available For Download

Get it right over

 I hate Jack Shear's new setting Slithdale Hollow! Why because its just too damn good! 
In eight pages the writer maps out a complete setting that can be used with any horror system although its geared for Savage Worlds. 
Described by the author as 
"Gorey-esque children facing down monstrous high weirdness in an Edweirdian mash-up of Night Vale and Twin Peaks."
That really doesn't cover it. Imagine if a 60's Disney movie dropped acid at a Goth dance party and then got pregnant from the event. This might be the result.
Basically your children who are placed within a very savage and dangerous pseudo supernatural setting.
The back story is vague at best and your PC's survival might be a thing in the demented toybox of the setting alright. Its kinda hard to tell. The setting isn't so much dark as weirdness of childhood with the fears of adulthood done by Lovecraft and David Lynch.
I highly recommend you download this one. Its original and more then slightly demented.  Very fun little gem here. Have I mentioned its free?
Using Slithdale Hallow For A Horror Campaign 

Believe it or not this is a great vechile to have the wee ones get into rpging 
The book is simply, well laid out and concise.  A DM could do anything Mystery Inc to an Adams Family episode  easily. 
The setting is very easily adaptable into anywhere USA or anyplace Europe with a bit of work.
 Everything from setting to set up including PC types is right there to use. Nothing could be easier for a quick and downright disturbing game of little kid nightmares made manifest for an evening or an extended campaign.  

Want to try something completely different oh jaded rpgers? Add the setting to your favorite Call of Cthulhu game and boom kid investigators with setting ready to go.
The game setting is the game and this is one of its strengths. Here is the total package for a weekend of play and with snow season coming up this is a good one to have.
 Seriously this game setting rocks.
 Nice work and I'm hoping the author expands this one in the future with possibly another eight page add on exploring the neighborhood and residents of Slithdale Hallow! 

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