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Review and Actual Play Of Dragon's Foot Free AD&D 1st Edition Adventure - The Village With No Name

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I got a chance to play in this AD&D/OSRIC style fifteen page adventure with some friends last night and this adventure was in back of the DM's screen.
Basically, The Village with No Name is an AD&D 1st Edition Adventure for a party of 1st-to-3rd level adventurers. It 
is the first installment in a multi-part series of adventures involving the main NPC in this module. is adventure can be played separately or as part of the larger series.
The adventure is by Robert James and is meant to easily be inserted into an existing campaign or setting. The adventure has that plug and play atmosphere common to many of the early TSR and AD&D efforts. 
 I was playing a fighter 3rd level last night and the adventure has both locations and NPC's galore.  Its a very well done effort. The place could easily appear in any old school AD&D campaign or converted with little effort into an OD&D style of game. The descriptions of the place really give it a lonely and some what desperate feel. 
Located along a remote road, miles from any 
settlement of consequence, is the Village with No 
Name. is village is not much more than a small 
collection of buildings—an inn, a tavern, a stable, a 
general store, a few houses and, for the more pious 
of travelers, a church—where weary travelers and 
distant settlers can rest and re-supply. The villagers 
tend towards neutral, and although the town once 
had an Elder (in reality, more of an elderly informal 
spiritual adviser), there is no organized or official 
government. In fact, the villagers have never bothered 
to name the village, instead referring to it simply as 
The Village or even the Village With No Name.
Rogues, bandits, thieves, and the average cut throat adventurer would feel right at home here. There are enough twists and turns to keep players on their toes. With very little work this adventure could be used with horror setting, a sword and sorcery game, or any old school adventuring group. The NPC's are well thought out, the adventure open ended enough to be used with any campaign and easily linked to an existing group of adventures with little ripples or disturbances at all. The author did a fine job with this one.
 As for me and Miles Quick hands my third level fighter? Well, let's simply say that'll roll up another character for next weekend.
Are you brave enough to answer this call? 
Along the road in a distant location is a village with no name but with citizens under siege by a gang of evil rogues, adventurers and rubes. Who will confront these men and their leaders? And what twist of fate awaits the PCs?

Miles Quick hands gets escorted out of the 'Village With No Name'.

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