Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Maxis Scorpios - A New Monster For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

Number Encountered 1d8 
Alignment : Chaotic Evil 
Size : L 
Move: 70 
Dexterity : 17 
Armor Class:0 
Hit Dice:10 
No Attacks : 4 (Gaze, Claw, Claw, Sting) 
Damage : Special/1d6,1d6,1d4
Saving Throw 12 

Morale: 11
Experience Points: 2,350 
Treasure: F 

The Maxis Scorpios are a plague sent by the gods themselves upon certain lands of Hyperborea when those born under signs of Winter hunt animals sacred to the gods themselves. These things are hidden within the strange zodiac of Hyperborea's Black Winds only to be loosened upon the lands.
The things often descent upon the land in a firey green meteors and spread among back country establishing lairs and beach heads among certain ancient ruins.Often old or abandon temples of their patrons within which they create nests and lairs. These bastard things often attack local livestock and lone victims among the hills. They are not at all effected by climate because of the strange energies and radiations that course through their bodies.
 Their attack with a gaze that can rot flesh for 2d4 points of damage as the strange energies that animate them engulf their victims if they so choose.
The monsters  attack with two pincers for 1d6 points of damage and a stinger that delivers a lethal cocktail of poison and digestive juices for 1d4 points. The stinger delivers a deadly venom so unless a save death(poison) is made the venom will cause a skin rotting reaction. The monster will drink and eat the slurry that results.If both attacks hit, the stinger attack is made at a +2 to hit bonus.
 These things come in a wide variety of colours and often match the terrain as well as local conditions. They often make their homes in dungeons, sacred caves, groves, and holy ruins. 
Unlike giant scorpions these twisted things of the gods will not show up on ultravision at all. Unless they are cut and the weird energies that animate them bleed into the local background. Then they are revealed.
 Often times in many lands cursed by these horrors a mighty hunter is chosen from among the people. This "Sagittarius" must choose holy companions and go to slay these beasts for the curse to be lifted from the lands. Many priests and wise men believe that the gods test the fitness and hardiness of their chosen with these mad bastard monsters.
These creatures are intelligent and dangerous in the extreme often using trinkets and treasure to lure fools into their lairs. They are careful planners and schemers who set traps and dead falls in dungeons. Though they don't value treasure they know others do.
They are often times used to guard sacred objects of the gods and artifacts of forgotten religions. 

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